I hate having too many ducks in a row!

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I hate having too many icons on my desktop.
I hate having any open icons showing my taskbar.
I do not like to have a long list of 'to do' items.
I don't like clutter.
I don't like disorganization.
I like things uncluttered.
Labels out.
I hate having tasks that I can't accomplish myself and have to wait on someone else.
I despise not being able to fix, repair, figure out or finish something ASAP and having to wait.
For any reason.
I don't like too many emails in my 'in' box.
I can't stand to have online orders 'on the way'.
I have to keep a list next to my desk of every online order, the store, the expected ship date.
I hate seeing purchases 'pending' in my bank account and just want the damn transaction to clear. Now.
I don't like too many things on my kitchen counters.
I love lists though.
I love crossing through items on my list as they are finished.
I don't care about perfection as much as I care about a task being done to the best of your ability.
I like things done NOW.
There will ALWAYS be a "LATER" and the task list just gets LONGER if you wait.
If I HAVE to have a bunch of 'ducks' then they better all be in a row.


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