I like coffee and maybe 3 people... and there isn't enough to coffee in the universe to motivate to me to do this task right now

This morning I clicked on It's Just the Coffee Talking to see what the last thing I posted about was. (I've got so much going on that I honestly couldn't remember.)  At the bottom of my page I saw the Amazon ads for this t-shirt - and it was SO fitting for me that I had to click on it.  LOL.  It says "I Like Coffee and Maybe 3 People" - that is SO me.

It looks like they run small (almost all clothing on Amazon does since it all comes from China and adult women are about the same size as a 7 year old girl in the US) so if you order this one, order about 2 sizes larger than normal (according to the reviews).

* * * * *

While looking at t-shirts I also saw this book and it made me laugh.  Of course I had to add it to my Coffee Talking post this morning even though it has absolutely nothing to do with... anything.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives

Are any of you undertaking huge projects and being all productive during this 'stay at home' mandate most of us are under?

I've been seeing posts and photos and blogs of people redoing rooms in their homes, redecorating, doing landscaping...

I had grandeur visions of all I would accomplish during this time as well.

And I haven't done any of them.

I have three rooms that are were on my "I'll do..."  list.

The upstairs loft.
The laundry room.
One of the kids "empty nest" bedrooms.

I was actually busy doing a lot of this before the COVID-19 quarantines began.  But as soon as I HAD to stay home and I SHOULD paint, decorate and clean out these areas; I suddenly found myself completely and utterly unmotivated.

Always been one to rebel against what I SHOULD do or what I'm TOLD to do... I don't suppose it's a big surprise that because I should be doing those tasks now, I don't want to and am basically refusing to.  I've been this way my whole life.  There is a rebellious teen still living inside me.

I'm sure as soon as the 'stay home' mandates are lifted, some retail stores open back up and people can venture places and 'do' things and go back to work again, I'll be perfectly motivated to get these rooms done.  When no one else is doing theirs any longer.

It's not a conscious decision.
It's just me standing, staring at the rooms I was previously excited to update... and finding myself breathing out, rolling my eyes, shaking my head and closing the door and walking away.


There isn't enough coffee in the universe to motivate me to clean out the laundry room, take down the shelves and repaint this weekend.


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