(I told him to eat his sandwich - I fixed a plate of Easter dinner and brought it into the office to eat by myself.)

Spent the last couple days trying to get a new laptop set up, personalized, cleaned out of all the free trial junk they send, and downloading/uploading the things I actually want to use.  I have to do a bit more but it's basically where it needs to be - now to just get used to it.

Haven't been to the store in 2 weeks but was able to pull off an Easter meal based on what we had on hand.  A well stocked pantry, fridge and freezer will get you through a multitude of events.  We had hickory smoked ham, mashed cauliflower, oven roasted Brussels sprouts, deviled eggs and rolls.

Should I tell a #MARRIEDLIFE true story?

So, he was downstairs playing guitar while I prepared the food.

It was all done and ready but he was still playing so I figured it was 12:45 pm - I'd just leave everything set in the microwave and (turned off) oven to stay warm and I'd go down at 1:00 and ask if he was ready to eat.  Give him another few minutes to play guitar.  I came into the office and had just sat down, deciding what to do for a few minutes while I waited.

Then I thought I heard him... in the kitchen.
I heard the bowls being taken out of the microwave and then I heard the microwave turn on.
What the heck?

I went into the kitchen to find he was heating up a leftover chicken sandwich from dinner last night!!!


So he didn't bother to notice all this food was DONE and sitting there waiting... even the dinner rolls.

And he literally took the bowl of rolls and mashed cauliflower OUT of the microwave so he could heat up his sandwich.

It didn't even occur to him.  All he was thinking about was moving the food to heat up a sandwich.

THE MEAL WAS ALL DONE.  Even the DINNER ROLLS were already out and in a serving dish.  The oven was OFF (he had looked in it) where I had the ham and Brussels sprouts sitting there keeping warm.


THAT NORMAL PEOPLE WOULD HAVE CALLED OUT TO THEIR SPOUSE "hey hon, I was going to warm up a sandwich, but I see all the food looks done and ready.  What time were you planning the meal?"

Or any number of ways that question could have been asked.


Married life.
It's real.

(I told him to eat his sandwich - I fixed a plate of Easter dinner and brought it into the office to eat by myself.)


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