I think I'm currently looking at cup number... 4 (?) of fresh, hot coffee.  I'll switch to a Zipfizz vitamin B-12 drink soon but if it still feels like "coffee-o-clock" then go with it!

I've started a number of posts in the past week but then I realized they were chit chat or regular rambling, and somehow it felt... wrong (?) to be chit-chatty and not focused on the whole pandemic thing.  It seems to be an expectation.

But you know what?  I'm a solitary person by nature, I love being home, I love being alone.  So to be honest, my life hasn't changed all that much. About 10 years ago I finally learned how to say "NOPE" and not care.  If I don't want to go, don't want to do it, I say nope. I've been much happier.

My best friend and a couple family members are 'ON THE GO' kind of people.  Never staying home, involved in way more than I'd ever like to be and they could never imagine staying home for an entire day... much less two or three... or a couple weeks.

Reading through social media, it seems most people live like that.
They must be out and about to a hundred places a day - whether it's appointments, work, lunch dates, coffee, dinner out, movies, running, play-dates... the lists go on.

I'm noticing the people that are rarely home are the ones trying to accomplish 'GREAT THINGS' during this time.

Finding the biggest projects they can, and then announcing on social media how awesome they are for... learning to make bread.  Or planting 12 flowers in their front yard.  Others are doing intense work-outs in their living rooms and shaming others who... aren't.

Others are learning what it means to actually spend time with their kids. 
There are people who have never had to be with their own children for 3 days in a row since they were 6 weeks old and started full time daycare.  They've only had weekends with them, which they also filled with play dates, activities and outings - every other day was dropping the baby off by 7:00 am and out the door to commute to work and picking the baby up at 6:00 pm, doing dinner, bath time and putting them to bed.  This until they could enroll them in preschool, and lessons.  Lessons for... everything.  And then they start school and more... lessons.  And sports.  And anything and everything.   

Those parents are now sincerely freaked out because they are spending 12 hours a day (awake time) with their own kids for the first time.... ever.

Same with many spouses!  I read in the news about how divorce rates and filing were going up because spouses were working from home and spending more time in the same house together and realized they couldn't stand each other.


My goodness.

... and my coffee has gotten cold while I was typing away.

Off to turn it into 'iced coffee' because I don't waste anything.  Even lukewarm coffee.  :)


Don't mind my rambling.....  It's just the coffee talking again.