I'm holding a cup of coffee, so yeah, I'm pretty busy

This morning I'm anxious to head out to the store - I need a couple 'household' items but they don't actually open until 9:00 am so...  here I am, with coffee.

Kind of wasting a bit of time before I can go.

But I'm not reading news.

Our media could be doing well to join the country together, lift us up and keep spirits up.  Be team players.

Instead they are hell bent on dividing, spreading hate, misinformation, conjecture and trying to pit us all against each other.  That's not journalism.  That's Yellow Journalism.

I honestly don't know that anyone under the age of about 27 or 28 knows what real journalism is. They haven't really seen it in the past 10-15 years they've been busy 'growing up'.
You know, before the internet. Before personal opinions clouded facts.  Before lies in main stream journalism were more common than truth.

I really don't.

(Just quickly pondering here... I feel as though a huge turning point in journalism came about after Brian Williams of NBC was caught lying numerous times; remember his Iraq helicopter story?  Before that he was literally one of the most trusted people in America.  I believe he was ranked somewhere around the 23rd most trusted person at the time by some publication.  After that it just seemed like our media completely shifted and filled not only with 'just say it now and we can always retract it later' type reporting but also the shift to all-out bias and hatred... and personal vendetta's playing out in the media (think politically) when they should stick to the facts.  Who?  What?  When? Where? How?)

Gah, now my fresh coffee is cold.  And I don't drink cooled coffee.....