Great timing for all these little pesky things to happen, right? Like laptop computers suddenly dying, and debit card/bank cards not working....

It's early afternoon but yes, I'm on cup number two of fresh, hot coffee... while my groceries sit waiting on the kitchen counter to be put away.  (They are in some kick-ass insulated bags though, so I could conceivably leave them there til tomorrow morning and they'd still probably be fine.  LOL)  Hence:  Coffee.

This morning I made a trip to drop off my first HP Pavillion at FedEx to return to the company.  I've been there a few times, but have not used their drive-thru before.  I did today... and it was frustrating like I knew it would be.


Because STARBUCKS CUSTOMERS have overtaken the shipping company's drive through.

You see, there is a huge rectangular building with about 6 retailers in it.  Starbucks is on the far left and the shipping store is on the far right.  With 4 retailers between them.  But people end up wrapped all the way around the building for Starbucks, which means while I'm in the correct line and simply want to drop my package off at the correct drive thru window, the second I do so, idiots try to 'pull around me' and end up stopped NEXT TO ME - thereby blocking me in.

And you would think that person would/could pull around, get back in front of me to get into their Starbucks line and I could get out but nope.  Because everyone behind THAT person is riding their ass and no one will let me move.

(Those colored circles are all vehicles.  Note poor me stuck as idiots see I stopped at the window for the shipping store and they freak out thinking I'll hold them up getting their f-ing $7.00 coffee.  Uh, I was literally handing off a package that takes about 25 seconds to finish MY transaction, unlike your much longer mocha-latte-grande-skinny-with-half-a-whatever blah blah blah order.  I was DONE AND READY TO LEAVE IN LESS THAN 30 SECONDS AND STUCK BECAUSE OF STARBUCKS IDIOTS CUSTOMERS.)

It's an on-going issue as the poor owner of the shipping place has mentioned to me previously in chit-chat, but since I've not used their drive up window before, I didn't have to experience it first hand.  I can't imagine dealing with that every single day of my life.


And after that I had to pick up a prescription, I noted the guy ringing it up had to swipe my card about 3 or 4 times.  I pondered that a moment.  But then, whatever. It went through, I got the package and left.

Then I went to the grocery store.

And when I went to pay, the card reader wouldn't take my chip card.
So I tried to swipe it and it kept getting declined.

I decided to do an electronic check (which as you know is instantaneous AND comes out of the SAME ACCOUNT as my debit card) but sure enough - electronic check cleared immediately with no problem so it was obviously not my account...

So I'm thinking it's probably my chip or magnetic strip that is f-ed up.

And you can't go into the bank here.  LOL. Well, you can but you have to call and make an appointment and the security guard has to let you in.

Great timing for all these little pesky things to happen, right?  Like laptop computers suddenly dying, and debit card/bank cards not working....

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