It's morning... again!  Although the days are going slow for so many, they are flying by for me as usual. 

Last night I had the silly idea that coffee at 7:30 pm sounded like a good idea.  Why does coffee have a W A K E U P ! effect on me if I drink it at night but does almost nothing for me in the morning or during the day?  

Still, it worked out OK as I have been playing around with a different 'face mask' pattern and wanted to make one or two for someone. 

Fueled by caffeine, I headed to my basement guest room that doubles as a sewing area and got to work.

I now have two (2) face masks that I really like the design and fit of, to bring to our 'quarantined pregnant family member' later this morning before she has another baby doctor appointment tomorrow. She's been using an N95 mask I had in our emergency prep kit and sanitizing it between uses every 2 weeks; but I wanted to give her more options that were still functioning at a 96-ish% for filtration now that her appointments are weekly. 

I'm looking for the perfect comfort and fit but picky about filtration.  Bandana's and similar fabrics are worthless (again, my rant about having to wear masks out in public anyway when most of them are doing absolutely nothing and just make people feel good to be wearing something over their face.  Now, our mayor has mandated everyone has a face cover when in public or risk fines and jail time.  The problem is they are saying any bandana, etc. is acceptable.  See?  Accomplishing nothing but giving people the 'feel goods' for putting something worthless over their face.)   

**A great source for information on filteration efficiency of various fabrics and materials to make your masks:  Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of Common Fabrics Used in Respiratory Cloth Masks


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