It's a Saturday! Good Morning! The thing I had to sign for yesterday was not a wood coffee table after all....

Yesterday I mentioned I needed to get some groceries for both our family and the 2nd family I'm shopping for during the COVID-19 quarantine; but I had gotten notice from FedEx I had a delivery coming that needed a signature release.


The only item I knew was being delivered yesterday was a small, rustic coffee table made out of old barn wood and pallet wood. (This one if you are interested... perfect size for our small sectional in the loft area upstairs.)  I really shouldn't need a signature for that - so I thought it odd but... whatever.
The delivery was slated between 11:00 am and 5:25 pm.

I got ready to head to the store quickly, but checked emails one last time as I walked by my laptop.

I had an email from HP with a tracking number, telling me my replacement laptop was being delivered today and needed a signature release.

That makes more sense!  It wasn't the coffee table needing a signature, it was a laptop computer.

Yes, this frustrating computer/laptop saga is STILL ongoing... since April 9th.

Terrible timing to have your laptop die the second week of April, as the end of March found millions of people suddenly "working from home" and "attending school online from home" due to the COVID-19 quarantines.

And everyone and their grandmother needed to suddenly find a laptop with built-in webcams.

Because my laptop died about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks after the 'rush' I had a HECK of a time trying to track one down.  Especially because I was trying to replace a 15" with both a built in webcam and the DVD drive.  (Those are getting impossible to find but important for my needs.)

I've been dealing with a long, drawn out saga of having to purchase 3 laptops from two different big box retailers in the hopes of getting ONE of them.

I will spare you details but basically, I had  a 4th laptop on order as a replacement for one of the 'new' ones (yeah... you read that righ.  Sigh.) But I honestly wasn't expecting it to ship until the end of May.


There are laptops you feel comfortable with and love immediately... and then there are those that you don't like at all and never, ever do as long as you own them.  Some you 'grow to like ok' after a while.

It's a HP Pavillion convertible  and it was love at first sight.
Looked great.  Felt great. Was comfortable to use, to type on and YES it had the correct and functioning touch screen and tablet mode!!

It took 4 computers to get one that actually had the functioning touch screen it was sold as having.

The saga still isn't 'over' as I have the 1st laptop (which is actually the 3rd one I ordered when I was hoping to actually get one of the 3).  And I'm waiting for instructions on how to return that one. But at this point I have replacements.

I can pay my online bills.  And write. And work. And communicate with extended family. And shop for items I need, read the news, stay informed.

... and now my coffee is cold.  It happens.  I tend to ramble.  Don't mind me... it's just the coffee talking again.

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