Monday Morning Coffee Break...

Good Morning!

Tornadoes were expected here last night although I we didn't get the worst of it as 'they' feared.  I think it passed us by but we had heavy rain, winds, flooding.  As a matter of fact I was blissfully and finally falling asleep each of the 3 times my phone(s) emergency alert systems went off to tell me about flooding in our area. After the phones were silenced and I really was able to fall asleep, I was awakened by a 'CRACK' noise, followed by a muffled 'THUMP' and then a 'WOOSH'.

If any of you haven't heard a tree fall in the woods, that's what they sound like.

This one didn't sound that large.
It didn't shake the house or feel like a muffled bomb went off (which is what it DID feel like when the tree actually DID fall on our house 2 years ago).
But it was close enough to my bedroom wall that I heard it quite clearly.

I got up, tried to peer out the window, but it was too dark and I couldn't see anything well.

Yes, I ended up wandering out on the deck and then to the back and side yard, walking around in the wind and rain (barefoot because I had no boots or shoes by the back door when I decided to venture out) but I couldn't see any trees on the house nor in the yard.

I briefly repeated my inspection to the front yard; not seeing any immediate trees down nor damage, I retreated to the house, the bedroom and back into bed where my husband slept on.

This morning I carried my first morning coffee outside and wandered the perimeter of the yard where it meets the woods.  The woods are pretty full of spring greenery now so it's much more difficult to peer through them to actually see anything.  I spied 3 smaller trees that were leaning over and held up by larger trees, but I couldn't recall if they were doing that before last night.  I was barefoot (again)..(always).. so I just accepted that a tree fell somewhere near but obviously not on our roof so I wasn't going to worry about it, and came back into the house.

Now, I've just finished cup number 3 of coffee.
I'm preparing to check accounts, emails and such and basically get ready for the day.

Oh - and if you read my post from yesterday regarding our Easter meal.  That wasn't my husband being mean... that was just him being him.  LOL.  Yes, he is truly that clueless.  He honestly doesn't 'think' about anything.  "I didn't think about it" "I didn't notice it" and "I didn't see it" are all irritating excuses, but honest-to-God the man doesn't think about it, notice it or see it.  Whatever 'it' may be.

Yesterday, he saw the Easter meal, figured it was for later (????) and moved everything out of the way to make a chicken sandwich.  He didn't think about it.  And the fact that all the meal was ready and waiting and the oven was literally turned OFF?  He didn't see it.  Even the dinner rolls were already in the serving basket?  Didn't notice.

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