No camping for me!

Good Morning!  Just sipping my morning coffee and thought I'd check in with the "Coffee Talking" crowd!

Originally, I was going to be camping today.  For 2-3 days this week.

Before... all this.

I should be at a primitive campground that I love. It's so primitive that you don't get RV-ers with their loud, obnoxious homes on wheels.  You don't have 'glampers' because it's too primitive for them.  Just decent people who truly love to tent camp and just exist quietly with nature.  Quiet people who keep to themselves other than the 'nod' and 'flap of the fingers' quick wave to acknowledge each other.  Sites are far enough apart you have privacy. We lay in hammocks, read, hike, stare into our campfires...

But, everything has changed, of course.

"Public access is suspended...."

Which is fine, actually.  Because I'm home, and I'm happy... home.

I need very little in-person social interaction to be happy.
But I DO need sunshine.
And I've had a lot of wonderful, blessed and glorious sunshine over the past few days.
Emotionally and mentally I've soaked it up.

However, we are now getting some cloudy days and some expected rain.  Expected thunderstorms for the next week.  That means my cheerfulness might wane. I'll just have to find some activities to keep me occupied.

Speaking of camping, I was in the middle of planning a solo cross-country camping trip for this Fall when this all went down too.  I had already bought my National Parks Pass.  I have a 3-ring binder full of my map, itinerary and information.  I was starting to make reservations and scope out places to do some dispersed camping on the way.  I bought a new tent, and a cold-weather sleeping bag in anticipation of the 20 degree temperatures at night. 

I was going to stay at a basic campground in the area out West that would give me daily access to four national parks without having to break up camp each day.  They are always booked solid and open up reservations 6 months to the date of when you want to stay.  I was planning on waking early in the morning on my "6 month out" date in March and making reservations for September.

By the first of March however, we could see what was coming.  There were people already starting self-isolation.  Schools were in discussions about closing down. And they did soon after.

I have a binder on my shelf, staring at me and reminding me of all my plans... and weekly, I get a brochure, booklet or pamphlet in the mail from my intended destinations, mocking me because I can no longer go. If the parks and everything are back up and running this Fall I still might not be able to make a long trip due to some other commitments I've made for Fall.

But... I'm still hoping to sneak in a small trip or two once the pandemic is passed and parks open again.  


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