No scheduled delivery date available at this time.

Good Morning!  Coffee's on!

It's a Sunday morning - I'm hanging out with coffee waiting for about another 20  minutes now until I'll watch mass online.  I just listened to a great (and quick) Coffee Talk with Father Brad in which he discussed the separation of Church and state and what that means to politicians.

Update to my computer saga?
No delivery.
I tracked that sucker for 11 hours yesterday.  I refreshed the FedEx tracking page over and over, sure not to miss the minute they would update anything.  I kept my cell phone with me at all times as I had signed up with them to get text updates.  For the record... DID NOT RECEIVE ANY - after the initial 'opt in' text.

At 7:15 pm last night suddenly the online tracking changed.

Instead of saying it would be delivered 4/18 by "the end of the day" it now reads....

No scheduled delivery date available at this time.

Scheduled delivery: Pending

(Originally "on the vehicle and out for delivery" on Friday, 4/17, but at 5:01 pm they suddenly changed tracking updates to a 'delivery exception' and said it would be delivered the next day, 4/18.  At 5:08 am it was 'on the vehicle and out for delivery' but at 7:15 pm last night suddenly it... wasn't anymore. Now they say they have no delivery date scheduled.  What happened to my laptop that was on the truck out for delivery on Friday and Saturday then?)

And you all thought I was joking when I said back on April 9th that I ordered 3 laptops hoping I'd at least get ONE OF THEM.  I wasn't joking.  So far I'm 1 for 3 and this one arrived with parts removed and replaced with cheap generic parts.  The DVD burner and the touch screen monitor are 'generic' not standard to this model/make and non-functioning.  

I've got to drink this coffee before it goes cold.
I'll be back.
Good morning!!!

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