Pretty sure that "Delivery exception - Local delivery restriction" is just a lie the FedEx drivers use......

Over the years I've had far less issues with UPS than I have FedEx.  Generally speaking, I've found UPS to be reliable.


Not so much.

Once, at our previous home, I was hanging curtains in our living room which is literally in the front of the house, with a huge picture window overlooking the driveway and front door.  I was up on a chair, with a drill in my hand, screws in my mouth, when I saw the FedEx van drive into the driveway.

The driver jumped out of the vehicle, ran up to the door with a sticky note in their hand, slapped it on the outside of my door and ran back to the vehicle, put it in reverse and was half way down the cul-de-sac by the time I got to the door and attempted to wave them down.

The sticker they slapped on the door?

Said they 'attempted' to deliver my package but I wasn't home and I would need to pick it up in the local 'big city' downtown warehouse.


I called IMMEDIATELY - like, the vehicle was probably only 2 blocks away by the time I was calling that number on the sticky note.

They tried to lie to cover their asses.


Tell me the truth if you fuck up... don't lie.

UPS and the USPS do most of my deliveries, but apparently Sam's Club likes to use FedEx.
And both Sam's Club AND FedEx have been completely awful, horrible and unreliable in the past 6 weeks.

But Target, BestBuy.com, Walmart and UPS have been fantastic.

Right now I'm waiting on FedEx... again.

I had 2 orders coming and FedEx is the delivery service.
Yesterday they came at 3:05 and delivered a small box of some canned pantry items. 
I waited on the front stair with my Lysol in hand and watched him drive away.
The second box (a computer) wasn't left.
I kept checking the tracking number only to see at 5:01 pm the FedEx driver (same one or different one, I have no way of knowing) canceled delivery with the notation on the tracking site:

Delivery exception
Local delivery restriction - Delivery not attempted
Local delivery restriction?
It was a beautiful sunny, gorgeous warm day.  Not weather related.
It was not a holiday so not 'holiday' related.
We do not live in a gated subdivision, or have delivery restrictions.
It's a single family home.
We live in a very small town so it wasn't traffic related.
There were no accidents, no heavy traffic and most people are 'home' now so no commuter headaches.
There is not ONE SINGLE LEGITIMATE REASON I know of for a local delivery restriction.
And they don't give you any more information.
And you can't 'question' them.
So as of right now (almost 4:pm on the 2nd day I've been promised delivery) I have... nothing.
Except the email saying my laptop computer is supposedly coming today.
Just like it was supposedly on the truck and 'out for delivery' yesterday as well.