The ONE day I was going to leave the house... and an update on my family member

Good Morning!

This morning I was considering venturing out for groceries but wouldn't you know, the one morning I plan to go, the first time to hit up a grocery store (or any store) since March and I have a small delivery that apparently needs a signature and could come between 11:00 - 5:25 today.  Ha Ha.  Of course.  Even in isolation, when you are home literally every day for a month, and the one day you decide to venture out, you may miss a delivery!

I'd put it off until 'tomorrow' but tomorrow is Saturday and will be much busier than a weekday and I'd like to avoid as many people as I can.  I'm also shopping for two families yet as we try to keep our very pregnant family member home and safe, away from people.  Especially grocery stores.

Some of you that visit Coffee Talking often know I mentioned my Aunt a few posts back.
She had muscular dystrophy but was healthy until April 9th when she got pneumonia in one lung and had trouble breathing and was hospitalized.
She wasn't all that old, but she's had MD since birth.
She passed away this morning at 12:30 am.
It's the first time she's walked in almost 30 years.

Off to brew one more cup of fresh, hot coffee... 

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