Tiny Update to a previous post: My Aunt

Coffee time... a bit late but I've had a busy morning.

I need some quiet (silent) computer time anyway right now.  It's a good time to brew some coffee.

I just a got the call my Aunt (that I posted about previously) is not doing well.  The hospital just called my parents.  My parents live about 4 1/2 - 5 hours away from my Aunt; but the nurses said if they can get there, they are going to by-pass the no visitor rule and let my Mom in since it's not COVID-19 (and my parents have completely quarantined in their house for just over a month now as well). 

My Aunt has no one else near by that can come and no one wants to die alone - so the nurses said my Mom can see her if she can get there in time. (... it's pneumonia on top of all her other health issues and complications; and frankly, it's mostly a lack of will to live at this point.)