Today in Quarantine Life: Haircuts at the Coffeehaus

It's a good thing my husband is married to a woman of many talents and skills.

With the salons shut down as non-essential, my husband is among the guys whose hair was looking a little shaggy.  We've been at this Covid-19 quarantine thing now for a month and I've just given him his second haircut.  I was a little more relaxed about it today, as I was getting back into the swing of things.

Back in the swing of things?  Yep.  Because for the first half of our marriage we couldn't afford to have someone cut our hair (nope, not even the $6.99 specials and yes, that IS how poor we were) so I cut our hair.  Once in a great number of years I'd let someone else cut my hair, I'd hate it, and I'd go back to cutting it myself.  And doing my own color and highlights too.

I slowly and surely convinced my husband to start letting someone else cut his hair.  It was a bit like getting a timid 5 year old to enter the classroom to start kindergarten, but after a few weeks (months) of prodding and supporting him, and blatantly telling him "NO" I'm not cutting his hair, he started to go to others for his haircuts.

But here we are.  We've come full circle.  Luckily the 20+ years of hair cutting experience came back like riding a bicycle.  Good thing too because no one wants to see the 'boss' with a shaggy do, or a scalped self attempt with a poorly wielded razor.

(For the record, we have a haircut clipper 'kit'.  We had one, my son asked for it when he moved out, so I bought a second one about 8 years ago when we got the dogs and I used it off and on to trim our Golden Retriever.  But then, I realized it was easier to trim her with scissors so the haircut kit reverted back to the humans.  Thank goodness we had it or he'd be 'Shaggy' for sure! Zoinks!)

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