Update on laptop replacement... well, hopeful replacement (UPDATE AGAIN - BEST BUY ROCKS!)

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

For anyone wondering about the laptop purchasing saga... since mine bit the dust this week.

Sam's still has not told me they canceled the first order.

The 2nd order I then placed for the same item (as their help FAQ page told me to) is still showing up as ordered, and they haven't canceled yet; but as I said before, I have zero trust in Sam's Club following through with their promised orders right now.

Which is why I found a 3rd laptop at BestBuy.com yesterday and ordered it in the hopes that out of 3 purchases, perhaps I'd end up with 1 actually arriving. And guess what?  Within 5 hours I got my confirmation email that Best Buy has SHIPPED a laptop.

Sam's Club - 0
Best Buy - 1

For the record, the one I found at Best Buy isn't that great - it's not very fast or powerful or has a large amount of memory; but remember;  my main concern right now is just a replacement laptop asap.

A side-note on Sam's Club orders.

About 1 1/2 weeks ago I noticed a large number of people on Sam's Social media pages complaining to them about not letting customers know when they cancel orders or are out of stock on items they say are available and in stock and are letting people order online.  At the time I hadn't personally placed orders so I had no experience in the matter.  I read the comments... but had no dog in that fight so to speak.

And then, I did.  Not just for the laptop that I've purchased through them twice but have yet to receive even one, but I had placed a small pantry-grocery order about 10 days ago as well - for items they again stated they had in  stock and available for immediate shipping.  They lied.  They haven't sent  me anything yet - although the orders are still current in my order history and are shipping.

The same computer system that immediately sends you a confirmation email when you purchase something is the same computer system that should be immediately sending a cancellation email when they cancel the order... no humans needed.  It's an automated system.  

This is purely a communication issue - If you are not going to fulfill the order, you must let people know ASAP and stop the 'hold' on the funds from the bank account or credit card those guests are using so they find the food, baby items and household items elsewhere.

Note: the money for these purchases are 'pending' on your bank accounts; and unavailable for use. So people placing orders have no access to the money Sam's Club puts on 'hold' in your bank accounts as pending transactions. Not only are people waiting for canceled orders they think are still coming, they have no access to their money until the 'pending' hold on the funds expires and falls off - allowing them to spend their funds.  

Since they aren't told the order has been canceled, they don't even know they need to look elsewhere to purchase it as soon as possible.  How many people are waiting for their canned chicken, diapers, soup, baby formula orders.... that are never coming?  Yet their $$$ is tied up for 3-4 days on 'hold' as a pending transaction.  Sam's Club has MOST of their items listed as 'out of stock' but these are for purchases they have listed as 'in stock' and allow you buy, and send you your order number and confirmation email... and then you never hear back from them that they actually canceled the order.  That's the issue.  Communication.  Not the fact that things are hard to find right now during the virus isolation. 



Right after I posted this and hit 'publish' I went to my email account and found a new email from Best Buy....

UPS let us know that your package will be arriving earlier than expected. The updated delivery date is now 04/10/2020.

For updated information, please visit your order details page.

We hope you enjoy your purchase and thank you for shopping at Best Buy®.

I just ordered this emergency replacement laptop YESTERDAY at noon and it is being delivered TODAY!!!!!!    BestBuy.com rocks!!!

(Meanwhile, Sam's Club has $1426 of my money pending on 'hold' in my bank account and credit card accounts and I have NOTHING to show for it and can't use my own money until the pending hold expires and falls off the account.)