Waiting to hear if my Aunt has it...

My last two posts have been about replacement laptop orders...  but let's chat about something else. Anything else?  Ha ha.

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Last night my Aunt was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.
I'm assuming testing for the Covid-19 virus will probably come back positive... I'm waiting to hear.

This is something I've been both dreading and expecting.  
My Aunt has muscular dystrophy. 
Her throat and lung muscles are not that strong to begin with.  I have an uncle who also has muscular dystophy and isn't very strong right now as he's recovering from Clostridioides difficile (also known as C. diff) which his caregiver(s) accidentally spread to him last year and he can't fully recover from as it keeps coming back. He's almost died from it twice already.  He is so weak right now.  I'm truly expecting his caregivers (who stop in twice a day to feed him and do personal hygiene tasks) will carry in the Covid-19 virus to him as well.  I'm not being negative... just realistic.  I'm dreading and expecting... but remaining hopeful.

My other Uncle (my favorite uncle in the whole world, LOL) is dating a nurse... who brought it home from work and they both fell sick with Covid-19.  It was 2 weeks of pure hell (he said) as they were hit extremely hard but are both recovering now.


Off to do a couple tasks... and waiting for my awesome UPS person to bring me my emergency replacement laptop from Best Buy...  I'll update soon Coffee Friends!  Don't forget to say 'hi' below if you wish.   Hundreds of you out there but no one wants to speak up.  LOL.

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