5 laptops in a month? Yep! Ha ha. (Long and boring update if you need something to read this morning with your coffee)

It's kind of a long, boring update but for those of you following along my crazy "I need to find a laptop!" saga of the last month, this is hopefully the last update.

This morning I ordered my... let me count for a second... 5th laptop in a month.   This is just crazy.

Recap:  The first week of April, I had to order an emergency laptop as mine bit-the-dust and died.

Terrible time to need a laptop as the previous 2-3 weeks is when everyone and their grandmother suddenly had to stay "HOME" and work from home, communicate from home and school from home... and all those people were snatching up every available laptop in the universe.

Finding a laptop was like finding toilet paper and Clorox wipes!
But I did.
Laptop #1 ordered.
And they canceled the order at midnight without explanation or even letting me know.
Re-ordered. So, officially it was now laptop #2.
Processing.  But I didn't trust this big name retailer anymore since they screwed me over on the first order.

So I went looking, and finally found another retailer with one supposedly in stock.
Laptop order #3.
That one arrived!

Laptop #2 was still "processing" and I decided I'd just wait that one out and see if they ever really delivered or not.

In the meantime...  laptop #3 (which is really only laptop #1 as it's the only one I actually got) was... fine... but didn't come with the specifications it was SOLD with. 
Meaning:  it was listed as having all 3 of the priorities I needed in a laptop:  Optical Drive (DVD), built in camera and touch-screen.
But it did not have the touch-screen it was sold as having (and I paid about $150 more for that.)

Laptop #2 (still processing) was supposed to also have the DVD drive, webcam and touch screen... but I still didn't know if I'd actually ever receive this order or not.

So I contacted the manufacturer of laptop #3 and long story made short, they were sending me a replacement.
This would now officially be laptop #4 if you are counting.  (Although really... just still laptop #1) And I was returning to them, laptop #3.

While I was in the replacement/return shipping process, the other retailer finally (after 3+ weeks) sent the laptop #2!

And it DID have the built-in DVD drive I needed (hard to find now as they aren't making them anymore) but it's a 17" laptop (kind of big) and was NOT a touch-screen either.

The new replacement for laptop #3 arrived...  laptop #4.
I liked it - and it was the touch-screen it was supposed to be, and it had the camera but no DVD drive.

  • So now I had a 15" with NO dvd drive. (Not good for my planned camping, traveling, etc. for videos at night in the tent, in the middle of no where.)
  • And a 17" with a dvd drive, but no touch-screen (and a bit too large for traveling/camping.)

In the meantime I had kinda sorta promised "ONE" of the two laptops to my daughter and her husband.

"Hey, if all these orders go through, I'll have 2 laptops and I know you need one so I'll probably end up giving you one of them...."  type thing.

I had figured since I would have 2 of them, and I really needed the 15" with the DVD - I'd give them the 17".  My daughter only has her old college laptop - which is in rough shape - and is about 5+ years old.

But I realized... I can't give them the 17" because it's the only one with the DVD drive I wanted.
And I can't give them the 15" because it's the one I want to travel with, and it's the more expensive, touch-screen tablet convertible one.

So after a lot of debating and feeling terrible that I kind of, sort of promised a laptop of SOME sort or size to them and now I had none to give....

I decided I really owed them a laptop.

And they need one.
And they have a new baby due in a couple days and don't have the funds to buy a laptop any time soon.
AND they never complained or said a word when I told them I couldn't give them one of my laptops after all since I needed the touch screen and size of one and the DVD drive of the other....

So, I did what any Mom would do.
I ordered a 5th laptop in a month this morning from Best Buy.

And I'll be darned...  not 15 minutes later I got the text my order is ready for pick-up!!!!!

I'm pretty excited because we are heading over there today to bring them a saw, some nails and some toilet paper and we'll swing by and get the new computer first... and completely and utterly surprise them with it.

In the end, everyone wins.  I have my travel laptop, plus one with the DVD drive I need.  She'll have a decent, working, basic laptop for work, bills, video calls and... life.

(Side Note:  I was supposed to get an external DVD drive sent to me with the replacement laptop, since HP doesn't make laptops with dvd drives anymore so they were going to send it separate.  But... it's been about 10 days and so far, no external dvd drive.  Not a huge issue... but worth noting.  Because HAD the external drive arrived as promised with the 15" laptop, I would have given the 17" to our daughter and her husband.  But now I've bonded with both computers.... and I'm still waiting to see if I get a dvd drive to use when traveling or not.... getting them a laptop just made sense.  It's now 'done and over' and everyone wins!)