A post about some of the items I've ordered from Amazon in the past 6 months or so and I LOVE THEM. Links included: couches, dresses, toys and house decor

This morning I checked my outstanding Amazon order to see when it would be arriving.  I ordered it back in April but since it was deemed a 'nonessential' it was bumped back to "let's ignore this one for a month and then maybe send it out to her by oh, June."

Granted, I suppose it is a non-essential to life, but the things I ordered in April were still needed.  It just depends on who is making the decision about how essential the items are.

I've tried not to order much from Amazon since March, when the quarantines went into effect.  Partly because everyone and their grandmother was ordering from them and I wanted to give other retailers a fair shake... but also because of the aforementioned SLOWNESS.

Example:  I needed a case for a new cell phone I had to get when mine was pretty much functionless...  now, you know today's iphones are thin, easily breakable, slippery... you NEED a protective case of some sort for it just so the dang thing doesn't slip out of your hands the second you pick it up.  But Amazon told me a cellphone case was really, really, really not essential and bumped me to the very back of the line.

Luckily Walmart said, "Yeah, a protective case for a slippery, thin new cellphone IS important and we'll get that right out to you!"  Whew.  (Speck, OtterBox, Best Buy and Lifeproof either deemed me not too important to ship quickly, wanted a LOT of money to ship a light weight little case that costs a buck to ship; or were OUT OF STOCK of pretty much everything that fit except the ugly clear, glitter cases.  So... Walmart won that one.


Well, actually, I thought I'd tell you some of the items I HAVE ordered since last Fall, and whether or not I liked them!


This couch....

I ended up buying this one for my daughter and her husband as they were relocating across the country to a new home.  Funny story about that one.  We had given them our 20 year old leather furniture a few years ago.  It was beautiful!  The kind of leather furniture they 'used' to make that ages well and looks even better the more years that go by.

But for whatever reason, the woman that was offering to buy their house insisted she wanted the leather furniture.  3 different offers were re-worded in which she was jonesing to get that furniture!  They had taken the loveseat to the 'rental' house her husband was in at the new location, but the couch, chair and ottoman were still at the house on the market.  They were angry at the woman for holding their furniture 'hostage' but they really wanted to sell the house and come back together as a family... so they said ok.  Now, they had a loveseat but nothing else.  Obviously they don't make the same style we bought 20 years ago, but I scoured furniture stores and the internet and found this one.  Not exact and obviously not the same quality, but it LOOKS like the leather loveseat and is the same style. They are very, very happy with this purchase.

  This Lazy Susan was a gift for my parents.  It's handcrafted and unlike many, it comes with the napkin holder in the middle.  It was absolutely beautiful, and well made.  One of my siblings immediately tested it by putting a bottled water on it and spinning it.  It didn't fly off.  Test passed.   Ha ha.


Eat Like a Man, Guy Gourmet and The Dude Diet.  I got these for my son who is young, single and living in his own apartment.  He LOVES these.  They were a huge hit and I've since received many snapchats of his grocery shopping hauls, the list of recipes he was trying out and his finished meals. 

Big Hero 6 stuff... lots of it.  Most of the items I ordered in 2019 are sold out, not available, etc. but this one is still there and let me tell you this is a dearly loved toy.  The smaller figures and a few other items are no longer available as Big Hero 6 isn't a 'new' movie anymore but for those preschoolers and littles who love it, this toy has caused many fights between siblings.... which is a good thing, in it's own way.  It means they love it.

One of my favorite "GO TO" comfortable long sleeve t-shirts!  LOVE this one. Schrute Beet Farms looks like any old advertisement to some people, but those who are fans of THE OFFICE will see it, read it, do a double take, and comment to you about how much they love your shirt. This shirt is comfy too.  Buy a size bigger than normal since it's an Amazon purchase and those typically come from China and run small.


The Guest Room...  used to be in gray and silver and black.  Very 'was cool 9 years ago'. I ordered a new rustic, farm house headboard, cleared out everything black, silver and dark gray and replaced it with 'light, neutral and airy' and what a difference!  The bedspread (above photo) is soft and beautiful 'boho' style but very lightweight so you need a non-patterned something or other under it or patterns and colors may show through.  The curtains are my favorite.  So farmhouse style cute!  

In my office...

     I ordered these curtains in natural linen for the office when I switched it up from the old "black, ivory and iron" decor a neutral, creamy white instead.  The baskets... I ordered 3 different kinds as I used them i 3 different rooms in the house, but here is a link to the ones in my office and I really like these.  The bigger one is huge!  And the frames... I ordered 4 different styles to use in the living room, entryway and office.  I ordered these in carbonized black as well as vintage walnut.  The carbonized black is beautiful (not black at all) just a weathered barn wood look.   My creamy white and natural jute rug is on Amazon too, but you can find it almost anywhere and frankly, this post is getting really long with a million links so.....

This smaller sized L shaped couch is so so so cute and perfect and I love it BUT it's a thread and fuzz  magnet.  I got it for our upstairs loft and it's perfect with the rustic 'beach' slash 'farmhouse' decor I have going on up there but it's a good thing we no longer are a 'cat' family (they passed away of old age a couple years ago) because if we still had our black cat, I'd be sticky-taping this couch DAILY to get those little hairs off.  It is a really soft, comfortable fabric but stray threads, fuzzies and cat hair are like a magnet to it. (It comes in other colors!!!)

Oh these dresses....
  I posted on Coffee Talking when I ordered these dresses... I needed some options and wasn't sure which to get so I just did an order of like, five different dresses I think?  Because they were cheap enough I totally could.  I knew if they didn't fit, I had family members I could give them to.  But... I love them.  They really do show off the 'girls' just like the reviews say... so I opt to wear a thin tank/cami under them.  I use a little safety pin to keep the skirt from opening up too high when I'm sitting down or if there is a gust of wind.  But oh, I love them.  Just don't wash them in hot water, and try to remember to hang to dry so they don't shrink *(unless you've ordered them far too big... then a simple wash and dry will shrink them right up!).

This post is getting long... I know.  So, just one more thing, because I'm looking at it right now.


Remember how I had to order 2 new laptops during this whole quarantine mess, since mine died right when everyone and their mother needed to order laptops for work and school?   I wanted to personalize them (and cover the logo on the front of them...) and I wanted a little sea turtle like I've ordered a couple times in the past for my other computer (and my car).  But I think I got those from Etsy.  I wanted to find something on Amazon so I could just add it to the order I was already placing. I found theseAlthough they are a little bigger than I wanted, I figured they would be fine - and they are were.  They are very cute and good quality!