Apparently today I'm just going to drink coffee and do nothing.

It's 10:00 am.
I had such high hopes for today when I brewed my first cup of coffee this morning.
I sipped it and decided to have a second.
I then decided I would update this blog.
But after typing for a bit, realized it wasn't a topic I wanted to coffee talk about so I deleted it.
I needed some inspiration.
I brewed another cup of hot, fresh, strong, black coffee of course.
Then I opened up a bookmark to a blog I found a couple days ago that I could stand to read, *there are so few!* and SCORE not only did I enjoy reading it, but it went back to 2008.  Starting from the oldest, I'm making my way from archives to current.
And then I got lost in it.
And suddenly over an hour went by.

I was feeling guilty and lazy for not really having a good blog post in a few days, but seriously, my brain has too many topics right now and most of which, I just don't want to chat about, don't think anyone would care to read, or I don't want to jinx anything so I keep my mouth shut.

That's when I looked at the clock, realized it was almost 10:00 am and had a moment of guilt before shrugging my shoulders and admitting to myself;

Apparently today I'm just going to drink coffee and do nothing.

Then I thought to myself;  "What a great slogan for a coffee mug...."

And I went off to Amazon to see if there was one, because of course there has to be.

But I got side tracked because the first mug I saw was "I drink coffee and I know things"  which I LOVED (but I think it may be related to Game of Thrones or something...?  I don't know.  I don't watch TV so I really don't have a clue.  I just like the saying and it fits me pretty well.)

I drink coffee and I know things

And if you browse Amazon at all (who doesn't?) you know they put a long string of sponsored or recommended products across the page just under your featured item, so obviously, my brain got side tracked (again) when I saw "I really doubt EVERYONE was Kung Fu fighting...."  and yeah, that song suddenly was stuck in my head.  And still is, actually.

I really doubt everyone was Kung Fu Fighting

I tried to get back on goal of searching for my slogan (apparently today I'm just going to drink coffee and do nothing) when I saw this one... and I smirked. 

My brain has too many tabs open

Yeah, that pretty much fits me to a tee.

(I WILL be doing dishes later this morning, as they are still there, waiting for me and no one else seems to be capable I guess....   and I'll sweep.  And vacuum.  And bring the dirty laundry to the laundry room and sort it all.  I'll fold the load in the dryer, put a fresh load in the washer.  I'll also open the freezer and decide what's for dinner, and the I'll proceed to either prep for it or make it.  I also need to balance the bank accounts, pay two online bills and file some papers.  I also need to make some healthy snacks to have on hand as I've been getting munchies and I have nothing 'ok' to grab and much.  So... probably some baking of some sort.  Homemade pepperjack cheese crackers perhaps.)

But honestly?  That is actually doing 'NOTHING' in the life of me.

That's just regular, every day, average do-it-without-thinking because it has to be done, but it doesn't actually COUNT as anything at all.  Probably because I'm a woman... and wife.  And an 'oldest child' and 'only daughter' out of a family of 4 kids.... and because I'm a type A personality.  And...?  Aw heck, take your pick.

Which is shitty and screwed up, but true.

So, to me, that sort of crap is done daily but counts, literally, as doing NOTHING.  

For realz.
I have to actually do SOMETHING for it to count as.. something.

Yep, so today is basically drinking coffee and doing nothing.

Carry on.