Can't stand to read the news anymore? Too full of hatred, slander, pure ugliness? Get away with some brain teaser logic puzzles online instead!

The headline says it all.
I'm SICK of the news.
I can take it for awhile and then it's just too much and I have to shut down emotionally and mentally from main stream media for a few days to remember there is GOOD in the world and everyone DOESN'T hate each other.  That normal people DO have brains and intelligence and aren't all brain-dead Kardashians or other puke-worth 'celebrities'.
There is good news, good people and good things happening in our world, even if our media doesn't want to cover it because it's not 'shock and awe' material or click bait.

Tonight, I ended up following a link from MSN to a bunch of logic puzzles on Popular Mechanics, which also led to some great articles to read (in Popular Mechanics) on things that have NOTHING to do with Covid-19, politics, or looting and burning buildings in Minneapolis (that's NOT protesting you fucking idiots... that's violence and STEALING and has NOTHING to do with protesting the death of a man by the hands of the police.  That Auto Zone and that Target had NOTHING to do with it but you just have to use 'protest' as an excuse to act like animals and wipe out a CVS, Timberland, Apple, Target store and burn down an Auto Zone... argh!  Link to one video tour here... Fucking assholes.  NOT protestors. Looters. Thieves.)

But where was I?

Oh yeah...  happy things to read!  And to enrich your BRAIN.

The MSN link is to a slide show of logic puzzles linked to Popular Mechanics or you can just go their link direct and follow all the touch logic puzzles from there.

Here are two to get you started! 


Source:  Popular Mechanics
Source where I found the Popular Mechanic Links:  MSN

This first one completely stumped me!


Take 20 quarters. Flip them over and put them into a new pile. There, you've solved it.
It doesn't matter how many tails-up quarters are in these 20 you flip and set aside. Say, for example, there are none—meaning they were all heads-up before you started. Once you set them aside and flip them, each pile will have 20 tails-up. (There were 20 in the big original pile, which are still there, and if the 20 you move and flip were originally heads-up, they're now tails-up.)

Say there's 1 tails-up quarter in the 20 you flip and set aside. Once you do the flip, each pile will end with 19 tails-up quarters. If there are 13 tails-up quarters in the 20 you flip and put aside, then each pile will end up with 7 tails-up quarters, because the same logic applies. If you happen to grab all 20 tails-up quarters from the get-go, you will end with two piles that have 0 tails-up quarters.

You do not know what number of tails-up quarters the piles will end with, but you do know that each pile will have the same number. So long as you move 20 to the side and flip them, you'll solve the riddle.


You're a thief, and you've managed to break into the vault of an ancient bank filled with 100 sacks of coins. One of the sacks contains gold coins, while the other 99 are filled with counterfeit gold coins. You cannot tell the difference between the gold coins and the fakes by handling the coins, looking at them, biting them, or testing them.The fake coins weigh exactly 1 ounce each, while the real gold coins weigh 1.01 ounces. There is a large scale with enough room for all the sacks in the vault, but as soon as you weigh something it will trigger an alarm, so you can use the scale just once before you must flee the vault. How can you figure out which sack of coins contains the real gold by only weighing something on the scale once?  Note: The scale tells you the exact weight of whatever you put on it, it is not a balance scale.


Label the sacks 1 to 100, and take a number of coins out of each sack equal to the number on the label. So take 1 coin out of the first sack, 2 coins out of the second sack, and so on up to 100. Weigh all these coins together on the scale. 

If all the coins weighed exactly 1 ounce, then you would get 5050 ounces. (You can crank this out on a calculator, or use this math equation to quickly calculate your answer: 100 x 101 / 2 = 5050.) But the gold coins weigh 1.01 ounces. So, if you weigh your pile of coins and get 5050.01 ounces, then the gold coins are in the sack labeled 1. If you get 5050.42 ounces, the gold coins are in the sack labeled 42. If you happen to get 5051 ounces, the gold coins are in the sack labeled 100.