Coffee Friends, I'm soooo tired today!

Last night I was up most of the night texting and keeping our pregnant family member company.  She was in the very early stages of labor and her husband was sound asleep on the hospital room fold out couch.

Since the country is in COVID-19 mode, there are no visitors allowed at the hospital - actually, each Mama is allowed one support person total.  That would be her husband, obviously, so she and I were texting, snapchatting and face-timing while her support person snored away...  

We are also dog-sitting for their chocolate lab.  If you know labs, you know there are the obedient, calm, great hunting dog labs... and then there are 'the rest of them'.  They're crazy and hyper as heck, dumber than a door knob and can't. sit. still.  EVER.

That would be the one we're dog sitting for!

I've been up since about 3:am and I'm exhausted, BUT we have a new little member of the family.  He was born this morning and looks pretty much like every new born baby looks, except cuter.  Because of course, he's part of our family. 


I was going to post a coffee talk post but honestly, I've got a wicked headache, I can't stop yawning and the house is currently silent - even though I have 3 very large dogs here in the office with me (our 2 and the one we are dog-sitting) so Imma take advantage of this and go grab a book.

Sorry... no coffee talk right now.  Perhaps later?

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