Coffee Talk... just random, whatever chit chat! My laptop update and... how in the heck can anyone be BORED during this quarantine?

I cannot comprehend being the kind of person that has found the quarantining of the last 2 months to be impossible.

The people who are complaining of how bored they are, how slow time is going by, how they have nothing to do but take naked pictures of themselves... because hello?  Have you seen the news lately?  Every female celebrity of ANY sort seems to posting naked, topless or scantily clothed photos of themselves.  SERIOUSLY?????  Your little minuscule brain could not come up with anything to DO!?    You have an entire internet at your disposal.  That is basically having ALL THE INFORMATION OF THE WORLD at your disposal.

And men are going crazy and leaving their homes to attack and kill random people on the streets because they couldn't stand to be in their homes, social distancing anymore?  (Do a google search y'all, I don't need to be doing your homework for you.)

How can people be bored unless they are CHOOSING TO BE.

Are these all people who were never taught as children how to entertain themselves?  Were they all raised by helicopter parents and the kind of kids that were scheduled every minute of their awake moments so they never learned how to do anything on their own?  Use a bit of creativity?  Think they they could use this time wisely and didn't have to mindlessly sit and watch movies, eat junk food or take naked photos of themselves because that's ALL THERE IS TO LIFE????


So my days are freaking FLYING by and it's now almost 1:30 pm again and dang....  there is just not enough minutes in the day to do everything I should do, need to do, want to do, feel responsible to do or am excited to do.

So there's that.


If you were following my LAPTOP issue(s) since the first week of April... they are finally over.  Woohoo!

The FUNNY NOT FUNNY THING about the whole situation?  Let me share this....

So, at the time you know it was IMPOSSIBLE to find a laptop.  (New here?  This was the last week of March/first week of April.  When quarantines were starting and EVERYONE ON EARTH seemed to need a laptop to work from home or do schooling from home.  And I didn't... but my laptop then DIED a horrible, crashing death.  So I was forced to try to find one....)

It took me hours and ordering ultimately 3 (I ordered 2 hoping to get at least one of them but then had to order a 3rd - still hoping to get at least one - I ended up getting 2 of the 3 in the long run)  but I ordered 2 that were sold as touch-screens and tablet/laptop convertible. (From BIG NAME companies - not just little fly-by sellers.)

AND NEITHER were touch screens (not to mention tablet capable obviously).

Two different companies both sold me laptops that were NOT installed with the touch screens but a regular old 'generic' device monitor.  

The first one was delivered right away - and I ended up contacting the manufacturer to let them know. That's all I was doing at the beginning.   I was just letting them know because I was wondering how many were sold this way besides mine.

That is what started this huge, long, drawn out replacement saga that started with me just letting them know that SOMEONE was selling their products with fake monitors. 

I didn't actually receive the 2nd laptop for about 3 weeks.  When it arrived (from a totally different company but same MANUFACTURER) guess what?  IT ALSO HAD A FAKE, GENERIC, NON TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR!!! Bah ha ha!
So 2 bought with tablet/touch screen capabilities and NEITHER came as they were priced and sold.

But you guys, I did not even bother pursuing letting them know about the 2nd one.  

I mean, seriously...  you gotta pick and choose your battles and where to place your time.  And I was knee-deep in the first laptop 'back and forth' with someone in India or wherever.... Did I want to try to go through this with a 2nd (different model and size) laptop AGAIN?  Are you kidding?  No.


The first laptop was returned and then replaced.  The second one, I'm just using and ignoring the fact I bought and paid for the touch screen function it didn't come with. 


I actually opened this window thinking I'd talk about some of the people that applied for this special unemployment during the COVID-19 crisis.  

It's a hot topic.

All the people scamming the system burns me.  
People who SHOULD be getting help that aren't.
The billions of money flying around willy-nilly that are going to all the wrong groups, wrong people, wrong businesses and organizations while the ones who NEED IT are either ignored or getting the run around or trying to cut through a mile of red tape and bureaucracy and can't GET help even though supposedly they are ones it's supposed to help.

Who are we kidding?  Have you seen this most recent help package?  It's just all pure bull shit to hide money to special interests of Pelosi and her ilk.   

And all those lazy ass losers getting free money for lying, scamming, cheating and applying - knowing that no one was checking or verifying.  EVERYONE WHO APPLIED was getting approved.  And right now, those people are getting $600-800 a WEEK of free money.  Even though they haven't held a job in 10 years and weren't even looking.  Or were doing a job where they were earning $400 a week but now pulling in almost $700 with this fake unemployment.


Such a bigger topic.
Duct taping my fingers.