COVID-19 - those who become infected and die is a very low number - .66%

This morning I was sipping hot coffee and glancing over some news headlines, when I saw a big 'union' arguing they don't want their members to go back to work because they want paid time off, they want quarantine pay, they want hazard pay....

Gimmee gimmee gimmee money.

This virus has been steadily winding down.  The number of infected and those expecting to be hospitalized (and die) never happened.  The hospital ships, the pop-up hospitals, even the number of nurses and doctors that were supposed to suddenly travel to hot spots like New York were all unused.  Positions offered to nurses and doctors were rescinded once they realized they didn't need them.

You have millions of workers who were deemed essential who have worked through this, daily, for up to 12-14 hours a day since March - coming into face to face contact with over a thousand people a day - without face masks - are perfectly healthy.

I was thinking to myself;  "You aren't likely to get it anyway.  And those that do get sick from it are primarily the very elderly or those with poor immune systems or other health issues like Diabetes, lung transplants, etc."

So read the little news blurb about certain unions refusing to let their members return to work 'when' everything opens back up... and the union members complaining they would be 'dead' if they returned to work.  (Hmmm my husband has been working with 1000+ people daily for the past 6 weeks... he's not dead yet.)

"......an estimated infection fatality rate — this is the percentage of people who become infected, including those who have mild or no symptoms, who eventually die. This figure is lower, at 0.66 percent"

Yeah, the figure is very, very low and I know union leaders are a bunch of greedy, unethical, lazy assed money grabbers anyway....

But then I dug a little deeper and found this particular union is well known for being extremely close buddies with Democratic political leaders and they are deep in each others pockets so... hmmm.

Free money for no work.
Democrat. And Unionized.

I lost interest.  I can't change people.  I can't make them ethical, moral, hard working, honest or anything else. If I can't make change... I need to let it go.  I can't solve the worlds problems.  I am also slowly learning (with maturity and age) to let it off my shoulders and stop the anxiety because I need to sleep at night.

........ don't mind me.  It's just the coffee talking again.