I was GOING to do all the things until you TOLD me to.... like remodeling the laundry room

Before the Covid-19 quarantines I was busy planning a solo cross country camping/hiking trip, planning a baby shower event at our home for about 20 people, getting ready to tackle repainting and remodeling the laundry room, redecorating the loft and doing some landscaping and working on a backyard patio.

Then everyone was quarantined and the rest of the world said "What a great time to do some remodeling projects, some landscaping, paint, plant, decorate...."  And EVERYONE was suddenly doing remodeling, painting, planting and projects. 

And I was like....

Because I really hate doing the same thing that 'everyone' is doing.

As a kid I hated it.  As a teen I hated it.  As a young adult I hated it.  As an adult I STILL hate it.  It's instinctive.  I see a bunch of people jumping on a bandwagon and I immediately bail.

I've tried to get myself to jump BACK into my original task plans.

Get that tree bought and planted.
Remodel that laundry room!
Buy the wood for the backyard landscaping projects!
The lemon grass, the paint, the counters and shelves, the everything!!!!!!!!  Now is the time to DO IT!  While the world is closed and everyone is social distancing!

NOW!  DO IT NOW!!!!!

So... yeah.
Haven't done any of those things and haven't been able to get myself to care to do them.
The little Sponge Bob Pajama Boy's face is pretty much me every dang time I've tried to convince myself to get started on any of the projects I was going to do anyway BEFORE the world was telling me I should do them.

But suddenly, over the last 2 days I've found myself kindofsortof wanting to.
I've stood in the laundry room -slash- kitchen pantry and storage room and almost started to begin to empty the shelves and carry everything out to store in the formal dining room for a week or two.  Almost.

It's going to be a huge job.  That room has been a storage room for 9 years.

Shelving, kitchen appliances, all our soda, water, drinks, extra food storage.  Huge canning pots, decorative serving trays and all the fancy dancy trays and glasses and such for entertaining.  The vacuum and mops. The washer and dryer, the utility sink.  The paint brushes and rollers, empty containers for watering plants, some weed killer, spray paint.  Plastic containers for serving, baking and traveling. Paperwork and manuals for big appliances.  Cleaning supplies and craft supplies. Extra rags for cleaning and wiping the dogs feet.  The dog food.  Two large upright freezers.

And more.

But I'm almost ready to start emptying out that room so I can get it all repainted and prepare to remodel and redecorate.

And then, this morning, while sipping coffee I realized...  where we live at least, most all the retail stores are opened up.  Salons and restaurants and brick and mortar stores are back open.  All the socially inclined people are starting to venture out and go places, do things.... they all want OUT of their house.  No more cooking new foods, no more exploratory baking. No more painting, remodeling, landscaping and redecorating.  They want OUT I tell ya, OUT!!!!

Perhaps that's why I suddenly feel ready to stay IN and start to tackle some of the jobs I was planning to do anyway back in March.  Before everyone TOLD ME I SHOULD.

Who knows?
I just know that I'm precariously close to wanting to jump into that huge-ass job of emptying out that room and by-golly, if the motivation hits me, I better run with it.