It's Just the Coffee Talking.... about bringing extra meds even on short day hikes, hydration water bladders I've bought and my excitement over my LAVARIO portable washer

This morning I'm intentionally not clicking on any of the news media pages.  When people started to turn into arsonists, thieves and assholes instead of protestors, they lost all respect from me.  If I was a leader in charge of handling the situation, I would have brought in the military days ago with a shoot on sight order to protect all those businesses from being looted and burned to the ground.  I've got zero tolerance for thieves, arsonists and assholes.


I read a news story this morning about a hiker who was lost overnight but was rescued, but the interesting point of the story was something I hadn't given thought to because I don't take any prescription medications.  This young man had planned a simple day hike with his Mom and sister, going their own ways, with a meet up at a certain waterfall.  Only he didn't show up at the meeting place, as he got lost.

It stormed that night and he was worried about being swept down the cliff, but he was ok and made it through the night.  His mother was interviewed and said when she heard the clock's alarm go off this morning for him to take his 'medicine' she worried!  It didn't mention what the medication was, but it made mention of his anxiety and not being able to handle anything if he didn't have his medication....  but crazy enough, he had put extra medication in his pocket yesterday before starting off on the hike!

Really quick, I'd like to touch on a different example, which was a blogger I sometimes read who set off on a day hike herself, along with 3 other women, one of whom was pregnant, and between them they have 9 children under the age of 9.  They set off for a hike.  In the desert.  And it was 90 degrees.  The kids were in sandals.  The Moms were each carrying their little water bottles.  They obviously ran out of water around the 2 mile mark.  The last two miles of hiking through the desert in 90 degree weather with toddlers and preschoolers was done without water.

But this young man, with mental difficulties who was simply going on a short day hike and swimming with his Mom and sister went so far as to even put a few extra meds into his pocket!  Because of that he was able to stay calm and handle his situation.

My kids know what I say in moments like this:  "Well, there's a good learning experience for you to take from this!"

Even for a short day hike, bring double the water you think might need, a snack or two, just in case, and a couple extra doses of whatever daily medications you take... JUST IN CASE.


Speaking of hiking...   I got my 3 hydration bladders I ordered.  I'm not sure I'm going to get to use them now since COVID-19 put a dent in my cross country trek, but I'm sure I'll get some smaller, more local chances to try them out.

Here are the 3 I ordered:  All affordable, under $15 and had good reviews on Amazon
(If you can't see the photos then you probably have an ad blocker on your browser that blocks images from Amazon.  Just unblock it for this page and you will see them).

I will update after I put them to use!

But my real enthusiasm, my excitement, my head over heels with this purchase item?  Ah, be still my heart.  After yearning for one of these for the past 8 months or so, I finally gave in and spent the money to buy one.  Best. Purchase. Ever.

The Lavario manual clothes washer.

I'm counting it towards my "emergency prep" storage but realistically I will be using it for when I want to pre-wash dirty items I don't want in my washer, to use during longer tent camping trips, to use in power outage situations or when I just need to wash one or two small items and don't want to waste the electricity or water running the washing machine for no good reason.  Also, for when I dye fabrics and clothing, which I do semi-regularly.  Just love having this as an option around here (remember I do 'prepping' so I get really excited about non-electric and emergency things!!).

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer (Manual Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine for Camping, Apartments, RV’s, Dedicates)

LAVARIO has been awarded both a utility and design patent, was a finalist for the Global Innovation Award for design excellence from the International Housewares Association, and has received numerous awards for outstanding quality and innovation.

"Our goal was simple. Design the best portable clothes washer in the world. We wanted it to be non-electric and hand-powered so it could be used anywhere - and - made in the USA. We wanted a simple machine which could do small loads – but not just socks and underwear - jeans and sweatshirts too. We tested all the popular portable washers sold online, all in the 60 to 100 dollar range, and we were surprised by what we found. None of them could properly wash even light articles like socks and underwear. Lavario was meticulously engineered for durability and performance. We are immensely proud of our washer. Yes, we are 25 to 50 dollars more expensive than competitors, but we stand alone with the best portable clothes washer in the world… the only one that washes real clothes like jeans and sweatshirts. Lavario is worth every dollar. That’s why we assure your complete satisfaction." - Howard Silagy, Inventor & CEO


  • Non-electric and simple to use
  • Generates powerful waterflow which blasts dirt from fabric
  • 5 gallon basket holds the equivalent of one small electric load
  • Easy to fill in tub, shower or with a sink or hose
  • Ultra-light and compact
  • Awarded 2 Patents
  • Made in the USA

Lavario Portable Clothes WasherLavario Portable Clothes Washer

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer

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