It's just the coffee talking: When a news headline is NOTHING like the story you thought it would be........


Sometimes you see a news headline and you think you know what the story will be about so you don't bother clicking to read.
But other times you do click on it and read and whoa... it's 100% not what you expected!
This story was the "WHOA!" kind for me.
Boy was I wrong on this one!
Here is the headline I saw for 2 days and didn't click to read.

"Wedding Photographer Won't Refund Groom After Colorado Bride Dies in Car Crash"

Going only from the headline and the little blurb under the story... I assumed what it said was true and 'the story'.

In that case, I thought to myself....

Well, you typically give a deposit to the photographer to hold the date.  They aren't paid until the wedding.  So in this case, although heart breaking for the bride to have died in a car crash, I do understand the company not refunding a deposit.  If it's just the deposit, then it was to hold the date and it's non-refundable."

It ends up NONE of the headline or the blurb was actually correct.
It wasn't a wedding photographer, it was a videographer.
And it wasn't just that he didn't want to give a refund.
It what this videographer did next that was unbelievable.

He not only wouldn't refund the payment, he wouldn't talk with the groom but would only email.  Then he put the groom down and was horribly rude, and then, completely cut off all email correspondence with him at all.  But none of that is really the 'WHOA' part of the story.



This guy even went so far as to post a message that said;

"Today would have been the day where we would have filmed Justin and Alexis' wedding in Colorado Springs.

After what Justin pulled with the media stunt to try to shake us down for a refund, we hope you sob and cry all day for what would have been your wedding day.

Sorry, not sorry.
Copper Stallion Media"

Mind. Blown.
Mouth. Hanging. Open.

The news story went on to say they investigated the owner and... ahhh.  Yep, he's a dick.  Apparently been arrested and charged in the past for not delivering on 150+ wedding videos by paid clients among other things.

Just... whoa.

Not at all the story I thought it would be based on the headline.


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