Just some random coffee talk.....

About a half hour ago I was busy sewing a couple face masks when I got a snapchat from my son, who lives about 1000 miles away.  He was sending me a video and couple pictures of the view from his living room and his deck.

It was snowing.

Oh... how I do NOT MISSING LIVING UP NORTH!   I told him I recall one Mother's Day weekend in particular we got a snowstorm... it's an oddity but not unheard of.  In retaliation (?) I sent him a video of the view from my front porch... green trees, children's voices from the neighborhood and in the distance, a lawn mower humming.

For this sunshine loving, hot weather girl, a snowstorm this weekend would make me want to curl up and cry.  Even the burst of cold weather we got this weekend is more than I want and I'm literally sitting here right at this moment with my space heater on 'high' next to me.

But at least we don't have snow.


Heading out soon to drive into the city to do curb-side pick up at Best Buy for the laptop I ordered as a gift for our daughter.  I've never done curb side pick up at Best Buy before, but their instructions seem easy enough.


Remember how much I love the B-12 ZipFizz drinks?  And how excited I was to order two different flavors online as the only flavors I can get at my local Sam's are the grape, orange and tropical punch, and I do NOT like orange (it tastes like orange soda, which makes me gag)?  Well, a few weeks ago I was SO excited to get the pink grapefruit and the pink lemonade flavors.  I'm not a 'sweet' girl and tend to love more sour flavors so I was pretty stoked.

And it ends up, whatever is in them both to make them "pink" grapefruit and "pink" lemonade must not sit well with me because they both make me throw up.

Insert a pouty lip sad face here.

Weirdest thing.  I can drink the grape and tropical punch just FINE.  But about 20-25 minutes after drinking either pink grapefruit or pink lemonade and suddenly I'll find myself getting nauseated and within about 30 seconds it builds to a crescendo and then, my mouth starts to water (the way it does just before you hurl...)  and if I don't immediately find about 10 saltine crackers or Ritz Crackers to jam into my mouth and chew and swallow as fast as I can to 'soak it up' (?) I will throw up.

Now... that's just weird.
And because I have an interest in research and studies, I spent the next 10 days testing products and cause/result.

So yeah, after that, I spent one entire morning writing down every single ingredient in the Grape, Grapefruit, Pink Lemonade and Tropical Fruit Punch ZipFizz's.  Along with the amount of each nutrient value.

I then put them in graphs to compare...  well, pretty much everything.

And I tried to decipher which ingredient is the one making me sick.

But what I ended up doing was finding discrepancies in their labeling on amount of mg's and the percentages on different flavors, as well as what was on the bottle and on the boxes... and got a bit side tracked from my original "what in this is making me throw up?" goal.

I sent off an email to them complete with ratios and percentages and listings of ingredients, nutrients and the findings as well as a question as to the discrepancies.

They never responded.  LOL.

(As I typed some of that out, I started to think "Wow, that was kind of a Sheldon thing to do..." and made myself chuckle.)

I LOVE the fruit punch, I can do the grape just fine, I LOVE the Limon flavor as well... I do not care for orange and I can't drink pink lemonade or pink grapefruit but they have a whole host of other flavors so I still have some 'testing' of fun new flavors to embark on.....


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