Meh, it's just the coffee talking, again.

Over and over, Kristen Bell and her husband have proven themselves pretty poor at parenting.  Lazy and immature perhaps is a better way to put it, but that attitude just amounts to poor parenting in the end.

The new press secretary, Kayleigh Mcenany bugs the heck out of me.  Every time I see photos or videos of her in the news I want to grab a baby wipe and wipe all that 15 tons of badly done makeup off her face.  Interestingly, I looked up some older "pre-press secretary" photos and she wore less makeup, applied and differently and looked OH SO MUCH better.  I have a hard time even paying attention to anything she says because I'm so preoccupied with staring at her mess of face.

I have no idea in the universe who Christine Quinn is but I keep seeing this photo and she reminds me of an alien.

WHO told her that hairstyle looks good and to take news/marketing photos like that?

The suspect killed at the scene of Thursday’s “terrorism-related” shooting a U.S. naval air base in Texas has been identified as 20-year-old Adam Aalim Alsahli, a Syrian-born U.S. citizen....  know the best part of the news story?  The way they described this asshole being killed.  "Base personnel returned fire, and the gunman was “neutralized”"   Neutralized.  :)

Museums get green light to sell art to survive coronavirus crisis - You don't sell art to pay the bills....except now, when it's apparently changing supposedly due to the Covid-19 crisis and honestly, it breaks my heart.

"Museums" were my career before I resigned to follow my husband when he was relocated for his job. At my previous position this was an on-going fight between our Board of Directors. There were 2 who were forever "SELL! SELL! SELL!" a couple of the big money works in order to dig out of some financial stress. The rest of the board, absolutely against it. Reading these news stories now makes me wonder if my old stomping grounds (which I've lost touch with as the entire staff except for the groundskeeper(s) have turned over and no one I knew is even there any longer) have sold any of their collection to pay the bills. Perhaps I will look into that.