Once again... I put paint samples on the wall, determined to go lighter this time and more than likely will wimp out and resort to my same old same old....

Good Morning!

This morning I've got a lot of little things swirling in my head to "DO" or at least consider doing and maybe add to the longer "over the next couple days, do this..." list.

I've made some baby steps towards the laundry room remodel.  And as I usually do, I excitedly grabbed the sample paints I have and put splotches up on the wall, determined that THIS TIME I will use one of the creamy off-white colors I love so much and I don't resort back to my old stand-by that I've been slowly repainting the whole house in.

You see, I love the look of the rustic, neutral decor that uses a creamy off white/hints of gray paint with nary any other color save for shades of natural, weathered wood, jute, taupes and mushrooms.  But when I put those sample paint shades on my wall they just look...... so white!  Too light, too bright and too white.  Even though they look GORGEOUS in other peoples rooms/homes online.  I stare at photos and they look beautiful and 'just dark enough' but in my home they seem to scream "bright white! bright white!"

And I end up just painting the wall in my normal, go-to color that I've used almost exclusively for the past few years to slowly but surely repaint all the walls in the house.


And what I'd LIKE to be using are shades similar to this....

Moonshine OC-56

Which looks like a dark creamy off-white/gray shade online right?

But here is the real deal on the wall....

The gray/khaki large test spot on the left is LOGGIA.
The M next to the small test splotch is the MOONSHINE (the OC-56 one -Ben Moore has two shades named Moonshine).
The B splotch on the right is BABY'S BREATH.
The line of pure white trim color under both is DECORATOR'S WHITE.


I also am trying to design a room layout with some cupboards/cabinets and a very small counter.
The problem is the room is very, very small.
And it's not only the laundry room but a pantry as well as having 2 upright freezers in it.  And a window.  And some weird build-out that is covering some duct work in the walls.

I did some quick scribbles on paper last night and cut out some pieces representing cabinets so I could move the 30" and the 18" around, as well as a hanging rod and a shelf, and see what designs work.

I've really got few options as the appliances and utility sink all need to stay where they are due to design, space, electrical outlets, window placement and that duct work build out.  So really, it's just painting and some cabinets... can't do much else.  :)

Now... that paint color.

Don't mind me... it's just the coffee talking again this morning......