Perhaps they would get a quicker and better response if they weren't being threatening assholes... which makes the public distruss the census even more!

Threatening people is not the way to get people to respond, or to gain their trust in you or what you hope to accomplish.

"A henchman, or "hencher", is a loyal employee, supporter, or aide to some powerful figure engaged in nefarious or criminal enterprises. A henchman is typically relatively unimportant in the organization, a minion, whose value lies primarily in their unquestioning loyalty to their leader."

All of the census mailings basically bring out a immediate 'bristle' response and I find myself muttering "FUCK YOU".

Obviously I filled mine out (and still receive these stupid mailings even though it was done a couple weeks ago).  The point is not that I'm not filling it out - I am - I did.  But their MARKETING to get the citizens of our country TO fill it out is fucked up and threatening.