Pointing at a random word in a random book, to use as fodder for morning Coffee Talk........

Good Morning Coffee Friends,

This morning I don't have anything in particular to chat about. There is a lot going on and a lot in my mind, just not that I feel like chatting about.

I've decided I will grab a book within my reach, open it at random, point to a word at random and see if that word (whatever it may be) could serve as a conversation starter.


Hmm.  Maybe.

The word I pointed to at random was 'singing'.

More in context:

Bela Barok: The Six String Quartets

"For the final three, Bartok loosens up a bit, singing in the atonal phrases of his own new language."

I'm afraid this particular example is a poor one.
I am not a fan of Bela Barok.  Not in the least.
Although the word 'singing' held promise; as singing is a part of my life.  And music is a large part of my life.  Lyrics are a large part of my life.
Classical music is as well... but not Bela Barok.

The six string quartets he wrote between 1908 and 1939 are intense.... but meh. Not anything I ever actually want to sit down and listen to.

Here is the third one - in which the random word I pointed at 'singing' was in context to; (it reminds me of background music to an old black and white murder mystery movie from the 40's or something...)