Procrastinating putting groceries away... that's all

I hit up Sam's, then got gas and headed up to Walmart since I had my 'cold' foods in insulated bags anyway and there were things I couldn't get at Sam's. 

Like the hip and joint supplements I went there for.  LOL.

I did find them at Walmart but they were literally half the quantity for the same price.  Seriously, just buy them from the link in my last post.  Walmart's shelf price was insane. If we hadn't been 'out' already for a couple weeks I wouldn't have spent that much, but I need to get them back on them while I order some online so a small, yet expensive bag it was.

Random Things I Noticed:

Sam's club is doing a lot of resets and moving things around AGAIN.  And like last time, some of these moves are... well, stupid.  Guys and gals in the expensive suits at corporate level are making decisions, but they obviously rarely shop the stores because their decisions on paper are really stupid to the everyday shoppers actually in the stores.  But... whatever.  Sadly, they have also stopped carrying a few things over the past 9 months or so that were 'regulars' for me.  They swapped out a lot of name brand foods for their own store brand... which I get, but I want HUNT'S diced tomatoes.  And actually, I want HUNT'S tomato paste too, but tomato paste has completely disappeared from my store months and months ago (before COVID-19).  

Today I would say about 60 or maybe 70% of the people had masks on (even though officially it's a law in city limits to wear them... hmmm) but at Walmart I'd say maybe half... perhaps even less had them on.

I tried to obey the directional signs on the floor too but most people didn't... probably didn't even think about it or notice them.  I didn't notice at first either until a red "STOP" caught my eye as I was turning into an aisle.  I quickly stopped, backed up, when down the next aisle and back up that aisle like I was supposed to.

No one else seemed to care either way.

Although well stocked with almost everything... I noticed low on zucchini and it was very poor quality.  Other than that most was in stock.  Even toilet paper.  Not a ton, but enough.  And about 4 different brands.

OK time to let my dogs back in and put groceries away.

Want to know the crappy but funny thing?

I went and did all this shopping and STILL FORGOT TO PICK UP A SYMPATHY CARD!!!!!!!

I am rolling my eyes at myself.