Rambling over Coffee: Friday Morning - painting update and other non essential chit chat like my latest shopping trip to Walmart

Friday morning Coffee Talk!

I think I posted on CoffeeTalking.com when I was trying to chose colors to repaint the laundry room.  That project was done this week, and although I love the colors, now that we've moved everything back into that room and put up the new cabinets, you can barely see the gorgeous walls anyway!

I'm kidding - as you can see them, but it was so very cool to see how large, airy (and echo-y) that room was when it completely empty!  Ha.  Now it has the cabinets installs, the washer, dryer, large restaurant sized shelf filled with food, paper-goods, small kitchen appliances, baking pans and such. The utility sink, laundry basket, pizza boxes, dog food container, vacuum and mop....

But I still love it!  And love the new paint as well as the cabinets and new 'look'.

The hideous gold/green wheat khaki colored walls are replaced with light gray and the baseboards and trim are freshly painted as well.

(Lowe's Valspar paint matched to Moonshine OC-56 and Decorator's White.)

It would have been 'nice' to replace the flooring with the porcelain tile that looks like weathered barn wood, but it wasn't a priority or budgeted.


Yesterday I went to Walmart, not for groceries really, I needed some household goods.  Although they still have the specialized one-way entry and exits, and they had an employee standing at the door with an ipad doing customer counts, and they still had stickers on the floor for aisle directions, no one was really paying attention.

This particular Walmart isn't as busy as many are.  It's why I love it and I go out of my way (literally - 10 miles out of my way) to shop this location verses the one closer to me (that I will not shop).  Because it's not as busy as most, I feel as though most of the shoppers (and even some employees) forget about the safety measures in place.

I even forgot about the stickers on the floor a couple times.

The first thing I noted was people wouldn't bother with the stationed off entry and just ducked under the cordoned off entrance.  I don't blame them as the 'line' would start half way down the outside of the building, and then curve into the front door entry.  But... there is no line.  No people in line.  No waiting.  I saw a couple duck and enter.  I was half way down the parking lot yet.  I was the next one to enter the building.  I entered through the partitioned off opening and walked through the 'line' like I was supposed to.  Of course.  Being me and all.  
Second:  Although the 'cart guys' have a little spray bottle and are spraying off carts as they bring them in to the building, that's not good enough for me.  They lightly mist handles.  That's it.  And since this quarantine, the stores took away all the anti-bacterial wipes at the doors so you can't clean your own.  This is no ok with me.

But, you have to understand that I've been cleaning (wiping down) my own shopping carts for the past few YEARS.  Long before COVID-19 was a thing.

So I get a cart, then take my own hand sanitizer out and put a big gob on my palms, use it to wipe down the cart handle as well as the front 'corners' of the cart and edge because that is where I grab the cart half the time!  You know how people will browse for the item they need and then reach back to their cart, grab the front end edge or the corner and pull the cart to them?  That.  So the cart employees briefly misting the handles with bleach water does nothing to actually clean the carts.

When they bring wipes back to the stores, grab a couple, do a quick swipe on your cart handle and then look at the wipe.  Blech.  It will be BLACK OR GRAY with dirt, grime and germs.  (And people let their babies CHEW on those handles!!!)

photo:  MSN news story on same topic

I keep my purse (backpack) on my back and not in the cart.  I shopped, and for the most part people weren't noticing the direction arrows.  But there were also a couple aisles where I was the only person, or there was only 1 or 2 other people in the aisle.
Surprisingly, very few wore masks.  I would say roughly one in every 8 people I encountered had a mask on.  More surprisingly, I saw employees working that had pulled the mask down off their face and it was just hanging there, covering their lower chin/upper throat area.

Not that the masks are doing much by way of helping anyway.

I was just noticing most people have grown so weary of the whole situation they've now become complacent with masks, cart cleanliness and such.

The sneeze guard shields are in place but I noticed they are actually in the wrong place to even do any good.  Most everyone has to step to the right of the plastic shields because that is where the credit card reader is, where you hand your money to the cashier and where she hands you your receipt.  That big plastic shield is up, but everyone stands to the right of it so it's... worthless.

Like most of the knee-jerk reaction decisions that were put into place during this whole Covid-19 thing.

This virus spreads like the common cold.  It's that easily and quickly spread.  That's because coronaviruses ARE actually the family of viruses that cause the common cold - the colds spread in the late winter/early spring.  The colds spread in summer and fall are a different virus.


That's just what shopping at my local small town, out of the way Walmart was like yesterday.

 .... yeah, that was pretty boring coffee talk this morning, but what the heck.  Three cups of strong, hot, black coffee already this morning.  It's just the coffee talking again anyway.