Rambling over Morning Coffee - anxiety, oversleeping and staining new wood crates to look old

The CoffeeHaus started the morning around 2:15 am when I woke with anxiety over a pregnant family member.  Tossing and turning wasn't helping much so I grabbed my book and read until about 3:00 am.   I figured Mr. Coffee would be getting up for work at 3:30 am, but as I drifted back to sleep I didn't hear him or feel him move from the bed.

I woke briefly around 5 o-something-o-clock and he was still in bed.  Hmm.  Maybe he goes in later today? Maybe he is off today? He always neglects to tell me his schedule so I'm never quite sure.

At 5:57 am I heard a 'ding' alert from my phone - which is one of the security cameras.  It always goes off a few times in the morning as the sun starts to come up.  Shadows, sunlight, bugs... they all set off the motion alerts.  But it was 'late' enough that the 'ding' roused my sleeping husband.  Who then realized there was a bit of sunlight in our room and yep.......  he overslept.

So that's how we started the day!  Oversleeping.


Yesterday I stained and painted regular 'new' fresh wood crates I had picked up for cheap.  I wanted to make them look used and older with some character.

I had found mine cheap at Sam's Club but they are 'hit or miss' at random stores around the country and not available everywhere.  Also, I needed 6 or 8 but my store only had 4.  One of which had a broken slate - I bought it anyway - and repaired it myself.

I didn't have a plan, but I had some leftover cans of random stain and some very random paint options ranging from acrylic craft paint to chalk craft paints.  I just sat down on the floor with a piece of old ripped up t-shirt, an old bristle brush and a little dixie cup of water, and...  just 'did stuff'.

I loved the end result!  It was quick and easy and fun to just create.   I rubbed on stain, rubbed in some gray or indigo blue paints, rubbed it off, added some water, more stain and... I'm very happy with the end result.

Now... if I only had the 2-4 more boxes I needed but couldn't get.

My mind is certainly elsewhere this morning - which is why I'm babbling about things like staining wooden crates.  But it's time to feed the dogs breakfast and get on with the day....


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