Random quotes from Big Bang Theory, Season 6 - episodes Monster Isolation, Contractual Obligation and Closet Reconfiguration

Mr. Coffee is working out, I'm finished with dinner and hanging out but have little interest in reading anything online so I thought I'd pop a dvd disk in to watch on the laptop.

Although I'm not a laugh-out-loud kind of person watching movies and sit-comes or hearing jokes, there are some one-liners that make me smirk.

I decided to open a browser window and type some of the lines from these episodes that made me smile or smirk or I just liked them.  There are plenty more lines I'm sure others would find 'funny' that I didn't... but I'm just quickly typing out some that I thought were good while I'm watching.

The Monster Isolation
Season 6 - Disk 19

  • Can't tell you how many times I've been at a party when everyone was talking about flags and I just couldn't join in....
  • Spread your legs, invite them in!
  • It was a high and tiny window.... she must have been very motivated.
  • Makes me miss my marijuana abusing flatworms!  Those guys were mellow!
  • Oh!  So many crazy rules!
  • Oh dear Lord!  More rules!  Where does it stop?
  • Do whatever I want(?)... or whatever I have to want?
  • Is he no longer part of our social group?  And if so, should we be interviewing for a replacement?
  • I'm sorry.....  that I asked.
  • I'm kind of broken.  That's great!  I'm broken too!

The Contractual Obligation Implementation
Season 6 - Disk 19

  • If you ask me, this whole  things is a waste of our time.  Helping women?  Helping anyone! People should take care of themselves!
  • I've never played hooky in my life!  My Mom says that's how girls end up addicted to reefer and jazz music!
  • When I was your age I wanted to be a rap star.  Like Snoop Dogg... but with a healthy respect for the police.

The Closet Reconfiguration
Season 6 - Disk 19

  • Shame on all of you!  You know too?  You couldn't leave him one friend, could you?
  • Oh! And it was a Far Side card... the one where the frog has its tongue stuck to the underside of an airplane. Thinks it's a fly.  Silly frog.  So funny.

And with that... I'm heading to bed.  Three episodes and during this time I baked some cookies, Mr. Coffee finished his work out and I got some ice to crunch on.  But now, it's time to kiss Mr. Coffee goodnight and head to bed to read myself into oblivion.... ahhh.

Have a good night!


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