So... The Price Is Right hates babies and agrees they should be killed before they can be born... good to know.

Apparently The Price Is Right decided to team up with RuPaul and do a 'match' episode, where the monies earned by the contestants were matched and sent to Planned Parenthood.  You know... the place that literally jams scissors into the back of unborn babies heads, opens them up wide to kill the little one, shoots them with injections of saline solutions and rips their arms and legs off one by one to pull pieces out to deliver them when they don't come out as fast or easily as the doctor's want them to.


I was on The Price Is Right and I'll tell you right now if that was the episode I was on, I'd be PISSED.  Because 'my' winnings were being matched to support a cause I don't believe in... no, it's not that I don't believe in it.  That sounds like I just don't support that particular cause.  It's a cause that goes against humanity.  It literally is killing babies so they can't be born and it's murder.  So... yeah.

I'd be one pissed off contestant to find that I was being used as a pawn to get money for such an organization.

I then pondered:  Can you imagine the outcry if a religious monk, nun or priest was on, and the monies earned were matched to support Catholic Charities?
Or a woman from the Republican party was allowed on and all monies matched that day went to support the campaign of the Republicans?

BAH HA!  The outrage right?!
But everyone with morals and ethics are just supposed to sit quietly and accept that The Price Is Right is now supporting the death of babies...  and all the people upset about that have 'no right' ?

How about if game shows just stick to doing... I don't know, GAME SHOWS?  And stop putting their own little personal interests ahead of the greater good?   They knew damn well this is a hot political topic as well.

So basically this was a personal 'dig' by the Price Is Right to all conservatives, all supporters of life, people who love babies and refuse to support killing them....

I'm SO GLAD I was already on The Price Is Right YEARS ago, because I had to sign a disclosure that says I can never be on TPIR again in my lifetime.

And I'm ok with that!