This morning I sipped a cup of coffee while I glanced over news headlines.

One of the things I find funny stupid, is how every third headline seems to have female celebrities or wanna-be's getting naked for some reason. 

Or headlines exclaiming that so-and-so posed naked or in a tiny bikini or posed topless this week....  while the headline above it, is about a male celebrity, sports figure, wanna-be, who... has his clothes on.

So a female chooses to "go topless" in protest of....
"poses naked to draw attention to...."
"dons a tiny string bikini to...."

And I pity them.
No one cares.
Guys may want to see you naked, but no one cares.
No one cares. 
They get some looks by guys who are happy to see boobs, butt or their lady parts.  Hardly anyone notices or cares about the 'issue' they are supposedly bringing attention to.

And by tomorrow, the public moved on to the next naked photo or celebrity posing topless.

She was basically, used and tossed aside like a piece of trash after the eye-candy was eaten.

Even if she chose to get naked or semi-naked herself and it was no one's decision but hers, and she may even tell herself it's 'empowering' her... (LOL - ok sweetie, if that and that bottle of Jack help you sleep at night) - but girl, you're being used.

Because look at the people bringing attention to themselves, their cause, their beliefs, their... anything... while fully clothed.  Those are the memorable people.  Those are the memorable issues.  Those are the issues making a difference in the world.

Especially notice the guys. 
Guys almost never have to take their clothes off to get attention for anything. 
A nice face, great hair, beautiful eyes, strong jawline, funny personality, great voice, nice smile....   you never see their penis, but you know the cause they believe in.

Many females as well.   Many females have enough self-worth to laugh in the face of the men that say they should show T&A to get attention.  Those are the women we remember.  Those are the women who have respect by society in general.  You can probably think of some female celebrities right now that are well respected for their work, talent, speaking ability, class...  but you've never seen them 'posing' with their lady parts exposed. 

Those are the memorable people who make a difference in society. 

So many females that just want people to like them or pay attention to them.  And sadly, think they have to show their bodies to do it.  Stay classy ladies... stop getting naked hoping people will like you for it.