"Two Years Ago Today" - my phone reminded me that I was waking up to this view of camping in the desert.....

I don't usually have the 'memory' feature activated on my phone but apparently last week I clicked the little button to do so and this morning, as I was going to search for a picture I took yesterday, I was greeted by my phone showing me a "2 years ago today...." photo/video. 

It was the view out of the tent as I woke up that morning...  and I kind of wanted to cry a little.

You see, before COVID-19 and quarantines, I was in the middle of planning another cross country hiking/camping trip (again).  I normally do one every May.  I couldn't do May this year so I started to look at other dates, but then quarantine hit anyway and I had to put my planning binder away.  By the time quarantines are lifted and national parks and state forests, etc. are 'opened' I won't be able to go as I have job commitments as of mid-July that will keep me close to home for a few months.

But this morning my heart and mind are reliving this time in the desert.
This cross country camping and hiking trip that brings me peace and joy when I revisit in my memories.

It was just me and one of my daughters for 2 weeks and many states. 

(My husband isn't a travel kind of guy, nor a guy who will camp so my daughter or solo are about my only choices...)

2 years ago this morning.......

Speaking of which (somewhat) - I read a news story this morning that an idiot woman decided to venture into the closed national park to take photos... and got herself burned.  Serves her right. 

A woman who illegally entered Yellowstone National Park had to be airlifted to an Idaho hospital after she fell into a thermal feature and suffered burns.

Park officials confirmed to NBC Montana that the unidentified woman did not have permission to enter park, which has been closed to visitors since March 24 because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The woman was reportedly taking pictures near the famous Old Faithful geyser and fell into a thermal feature while backing up, according to The Bozeman Daily Chronicle.


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