Updates to the discontinuation of Mio Coffee Drops Post: a reader asked if I'd found a replacement yet!? And a new update - 2020!!!

In February I posted "Goodbye Mio Mocha Java" as I realized Mio concentrated coffee drops had been discontinued at all my local grocers.

Since then I had read a news article stating that the FDA had banned concentrated caffeinated coffee drops because two idiots people overused it and OD'd on the caffeine.  Hmmm.    Do I know that's why Mio stopped making them?  Nope.  And I don't really care to take the time to research because frankly, I can't do anything about it, so I'm not going to waste my time or get worked up about it.

One of my readers emailed me to ask if I had found a replacement for Mio drops?  He is down to his last 2 bottles...

Oh I feel his pain!  Ha ha.  I too have been hoarding my little stash.
So perfect for making iced coffee.
So perfect for traveling and camping.
So perfect to keep in my purse to add to a bottle of cold water when I would prefer iced coffee over plain water when I was 'out and about'.

(A photo from my February post, opening my 'coffee cupboard' and showing my little Mio stash.)  

When "Jeff" emailed me to ask about any replacements I had found... No.   There is honestly only one that I personally have read about - but not ordered from - and it's called Jot. I believe they are based out of Colombia as their website url is a .co, which is Columbia.

2020 Update!

I've steadily been watching Mio Java and Mio Mocha available on Amazon and was wondering how that was possible when all the stores near me stopped carrying them last year.  MiO is made by Kraft so I went to their website and found they are listing Mocha and Java as available again!!!  Back on the market!?  

Although when I do a search to find the product near me, I had to increase my search to "within 100 miles" as there are no stores or military commissaries less than 70 miles from me.  The interesting thing is the Kraft page says "Due to this being a new product... "  yada yada.  So I'm wondering if the formula was re-crafted?  It's not 'new'.  But it also looks like it primarily only available on military bases at their commissaries. 

I don't know the story behind it, but apparently MiO Java and MiO Mocha are still available in some areas and of course - still available on Amazon ⇉⇉⇉ MIO Liquid Concentrate, Iced Mocha Java and Iced Vanilla Java

That's all I know for now.  2020.


  1. Hey - I, too am down to my last 4 bottles of this deliciousness... I wrote to the Kraft customer support team and asked them why they discontinued it. They wrote me back and told me I could buy it at the Dayton, Ohio WPAFB commissary - which is no help as I am not current or ever have been military. I wrote back and asked them why they didn't answer me as to why they stopped production, and they told me that the had NOT stopped production and that the product was still a formula they produced regularly.

    Still cannot find it anywhere, but they suggested I contact a local grocer and see if they could order it for me.

    FYI - and I'll write back if I can convince Kroger or Meijer to do so, but that's the 2021 update...

  2. I wish I could find these or find an alternative. I bought 24 bottles last year but am on the last few.

  3. The best alternative I have found is carrying a little freeze dried coffee and I add roughly a teaspoon to my coffee to give it that nice rich bold coffee flavor with a little kick.

  4. I really miss this. Loved it with milk and ice.


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