Updates to the discontinuation of Mio Coffee Drops Post: a reader asked if I'd found a replacement yet!?

In February I posted "Goodbye Mio Mocha Java" as I realized Mio concentrated coffee drops had been discontinued. 

Since then I had read a news article stating that the FDA had banned concentrated caffeinated coffee drops because two idiots people overused it and OD'd on the caffeine.  Do I know that's why Mio stopped making them?  Nope.  And I don't really care to take the time to research because frankly, I can't change the FDA or MIO's minds... so I'm not going to waste my time or get worked up about it.   (I personally think our government is far too intrusive and over-reaching and I believe 100% in personal responsibly but... whatever.)

One of my readers emailed me to ask if I had found a replacement for Mio drops?  He is down to his last 2 bottles... 

Oh I feel his pain!  Ha ha.  I too have been hoarding my little stash. 
So perfect for making iced coffee.
So perfect for traveling and camping.
So perfect to keep in my purse to add to a bottle of cold water when I would prefer iced coffee over plain water when I was 'out and about'.

(A photo from my February post, opening my 'coffee cupboard' and showing my little Mio stash.)  Had I KNOWN they were going to be discontinued I would have bought more!  But I had no idea...  I never saw an announcement or any information about the discontinuation until it was just 'hard to find' them in the stores.)

When "Jeff" emailed me to ask about any replacements I had found, there is honestly only one that I personally have checked out - but not ordered from yet - and it's called Jot.  

I believe they are based out of Colombia as their website url is a .co, which is Columbia.  (And I guess it's obvious that Columbia has some kick-butt coffee so it would make sense they could come up with some pretty awesome coffee concentrate!) 

I'm signed up for their emails and marketing, but because I still have a small stash of my Mio drops, I've not ordered from them yet so I have no personal opinions on their products one way or another.

Their website is https://jot.co/ and if any of my readers HAVE tried their products, feel free to comment below (I'll turn the comments on for this post).  I'd love to know if anyone has tried them!

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