Walking down memory road: Old sitcom themesongs from my childhood - some well known, others barely aired

I was sipping coffee and thinking about getting started on the day when an old (old!) themesong popped into my head.  It was the opening credit song to a sitcom I barely remember, but the theme song sure did.  It was "Makin' It".

Of course I had to look it up online.

Funny, I don't remember the episodes of the show at all... I was probably only about 8 or 9 when this was on tv (briefly) but the song... I still remember in 2020.

I have to admit, I watched it this morning and CRINGED.  Oh my goodness.  Ha ha.  It's bad.  Heck, that whole disco era is bad.  Luckily I missed out on it since I was so little at the time.  I'm more of an 80's kid but I still remember this one being on tv because I liked the theme song.

Makin' It

When I was just a little older, oh how I LOVED this theme song!!!
I obviously thought Chachi was cute (didn't almost every young girl back then) but this theme song was one I loved so much that I swore some day I'd have it played at my wedding.

Ha ha.  No, I did not have it at my wedding.

 Joanie Loves Chachi

Too Close for Comfort was loved for two reasons.  One:  I wanted to be Sara.  Later, when Monroe was added to the cast of characters, I loved him.  Couldn't stand the two parents but watched it for Sara and Monroe.  Also - I SO WANTED to paint stripes on the wall of my bedroom like they had on their wall!  Watch the opening credits and you'll see it.

I remember 'designing' the colored stripes similar to the show and wanting to paint my room like that so badly but no.  My parents did not let me.

Too Close for Comfort

This is a show I barely remember, and glancing over some of the episodes, they don't really stand out in my mind but (again) the theme song does.  I recall the theme song and I loved it!  But the show, I don't really have any memories of except a couple fleeting "oh yeah that looks familiar" moments with Helen Hunt's character (since she was the kid).

It Takes Two

Ok so this one probably shouldn't even be listed because EVERYONE knows this one.  It was so popular and not a bit obscure like some of my other favorites were but hello...  how can you hear this and not automatically sing along with it?  So catchy.  So hugely popular at the time.

WKRP in Cincinnati

By the time Charles in Charge hit the airwaves I was a bit older (a young teen).  Hated the first family they had in the first season, but apparently everyone did, as that family was soon switched out and the more popular version with Josie Davis and Nicole Eggert aired.    Originally I recall wanting to be like Jennifer Runyon (Gwendolyn) "when I got older" - I thought she was pretty and sweet and so nice.  Later of course, I geared my "I wish I could look like that..." to Nicole Eggert.  Not her character or personality (I liked Josie's character better) but her long blonde hair and cool clothes sure made me jealous.

Charles in Charge

There are many very popular sitcoms and theme songs from that era I'm NOT including in this post because they are just... oh so obvious.  This one hinges on being too obvious as it was so popular and awesome of a show (How can you not love Balki!!!????)  but I'm including it anyway because I loved this show!!!!!!

Perfect Strangers

This one.  LOVED Evie's character (again - I probably always identified with the kid) but I really hated the actress that played her Mom (Donna Pesco?) and she was on SO MANY sitcoms back then.  She was the main character in one called "ANGIE" too (I think - I'm not going to stop and look it up though).  Really didn't care for her.  But again the theme song...  

Out of this World

This is another one I maybe should not add to this post because it's one of the "OBVIOUS" sitcoms since it was pretty popular, but more importantly, the theme song was SO GOOD it was regularly played on the radio.  To this day I still love this song.  I still sing it.  One of my favorites!!!  (Along with Facts of Life, Cheers, Family Ties.......)

Greatest American Hero


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