Wednesday morning Coffee Talking....

So, hello!

This morning I am home.  Yesterday I had errands to run to get some groceries and household goods, and tomorrow I have to help a family member who lives about 30 minutes away and needs me there around 8:am but today?  Today is all mine to tackle some of the pesky things going on around here.

Like service people that are blowing off correspondence and service requests.
And finding a blank card here at the house to make into a sympathy card since I forgot to buy one when I was out and about yesterday.
And the typical dishes, vacuuming, floor mop and blah.  
Placing an online order for something for Mr. Coffee.
Make a list of cabinets needed for the laundry room (dimensions, l# of each size needed to buy)
List of other needs to do the laundry room remodel (painting, cabinet installation, tile and etc.) 


The Laundry Room update:  The room was emptied out and everything moved to the kitchen. 

It cluttered and full and awful... which is good.  Because I hate clutter and messes.  My heart races, my brain scrambles, I can't concentrate, I'm grumpy and I just want all the things organized.  SO that will make us get this stupid project done faster, right?

I've got some ideas of what I want to do, and what I'll probably do... but payday isn't until Friday so I can't make any real decisions yet anyway.  Until then, I'm just avoiding the kitchen as much as I can so my brain doesn't explode. 

I tend to overthink, well, everything.  Seriously.  I'm telling myself that I'm not going to care this time.  If the paint colors I chose and the cabinets I chose and the layout I go without doesn't work and doesn't look great, who cares?  If there is ANY room to screw up on in our house, it's the laundry room.  No one but me will care or even see it.  Closets and laundry rooms are certainly the rooms to 'try new things' on.  I also told myself (after two days of antagonizing over shades of gray and white paints that I can always repaint it if I get it up and hate it.

I don't want to think about paint or paint colors anymore.  I don't care.  I'm just going to start buying 'stuff' (after payday Friday) and just wing it.  We'll see what I end up with.


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