What is this freaky, long, many legged centipede looking thing that is FLYING around our attic this week!?????

So many random things going on in my brain to chat about but the first one, although this is probably a bust, I'm gonna ask anyway - what is this WEIRD flying insect!????

I had to play the video over and over on my phone (on a couple different days) in order to get a screenshot.  But I did. Although they are a bit blurry.  I have a short video clip as well.

I showed my husband and he said, "that's a caterpillar..."
"Yeah.  Uh, caterpillars can't FLY."

It's long.
It looks like it has a lot of legs or....?
For size comparison, that is a light switch box on the wood post behind it.
The insect (?) has been active 3-4 days - inside our attic.
It flies straight up, straight down, sideways... it darts and it's FAST.
Here is a close up!  WTF????

We have a security camera up in the attic because about 7 or 8 weeks ago we had a flying squirrel up there!  We set a trap and caught him but it freaks me out so I moved one of our house security cameras up to the attic opening and keep it on just in case there is any movement up there.

And there has been... all week.  But I couldn't SEE anything.
Until I did.
This weird, long, freaky, flying, darting, fast moving something or other that looks like a centipede or a caterpillar except it FLIES.

8 second video clip....

COMMENTS TURNED ON BELOW IF YOU KNOW... because I sure don't and yes, I sure want to!

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