While some are cheering the lifted quarantines, the rest of us introverts are more like "Well, crap."

With the country starting to open everything up again (talking COVID-19 stuff here); I and a million other introverts are now pretty much like this:

Because "OUR" time is over.

Our happy place (home, in solitude) is now going to be back to being 'judged'.
We are now going to have to feel some of the guilt of preferring to stay home alone instead of having to go out, do things, go places. With people.

While extroverts and social butterflies are cheering with excitement over some of the mandates and bans being lifted, we are thinking "Well, crap.  Here comes social anxiety again."

The people who get their energy and happiness and feel fulfilled being around people, going places and doing all the things are pretty excited at the changed coming as more and more states, counties and cities relax the quarantines.

The rest of us?

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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