Yeah, I'm a weirdo who reads the small print and nope, I'm not a lawyer (nor do I play one on TV)

I've been comparing security camera companies and recording (24/7 video storage) costs and more importantly... privacy.

This afternoon I was looking over Google's privacy and there were a few things that frankly, surprised me.

A couple made me chuckle out loud.

Did you all know these pesky little details are in your privacy terms with the big G?

(These are just a few little tidbits I found interesting.  You can go to their site to read the whole thing on your own if you are so inclined.)


We collect information to provide better services to all our users — from figuring out basic stuff like which language you speak, to more complex things like which ads you’ll find most useful, the people who matter most to you online, or which YouTube videos you might like. The information Google collects, and how that information is used, depends on how you use our services.....


We also collect the content you create, upload, or receive from others when using our services. This includes things like email you write and receive, photos and videos you save, docs and spreadsheets you create, and comments you make on YouTube videos.

We collect information about your activity in our services, which we use to do things like recommend a YouTube video you might like. The activity information we collect may include:

Terms you search for
Videos you watch
Views and interactions with content and ads
Voice and audio information when you use audio features
Purchase activity
People with whom you communicate or share content
Activity on third-party sites and apps that use our services
Chrome browsing history you’ve synced with your Google Account

If you use our services to make and receive calls or send and receive messages, we may collect telephony log information like your phone number, calling-party number, receiving-party number, forwarding numbers, time and date of calls and messages, duration of calls, routing information, and types of calls.


When you’re signed in and interact with some Google services, like leaving comments on a YouTube video or reviewing an app in Play, your name and photo appear next to your activity. We may also display this information in ads depending on your Shared endorsements setting.


If you’re a student or work for an organization that uses Google services (like G Suite), your domain administrator and resellers who manage your account will have access to your Google Account. They may be able to:

Access and retain information stored in your account, like your email
View statistics regarding your account, like how many apps you install
Change your account password
Suspend or terminate your account access
Receive your account information in order to satisfy applicable law, regulation, legal process, or enforceable governmental request
Restrict your ability to delete or edit your information or your privacy settings


Now, for most of us who have been using computers for 30 years and are somewhat saavy most of this is not a surprise at all.  But... still interesting to be reminded once in a while how much big brother is watching.  LOL.