Yeah, we need groceries but my dogs need their hip & joint supplements so I'll be out into the COVID-19 infested world this morning....

Good morning coffee friends!

I've known since I woke up this morning that I need to make a trip to Sam's Club but I've been s-l-o-w-l-y just kind of moving in the motions because.... lines. Meh.

I'm a morning errand girl.  If I have to leave the house to run an errand after about 9:45-ish, or 10:00.... I just may not go.  If I can't leave until 11:00, then nope, probably not happening.  I like to get out the door for errands around 8:45-9:30.

I really need to go because we've been 'out' of the dogs hip and joint snacks for 2 weeks now and OH WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!

If you've been a reader of It's Just the Coffee Talking for a number of years, you might recall our adopting two little abandoned puppies.  Then, finding out they had major birth defects that resulted in some serious hip and knee issues.  Not the typical.  As a matter of fact, one of them had such a weird knee and muscle situation that we ended up having to go to the top guy in the state to do her surgery.  Literally. One spring we had to do surgeries every 6 weeks between the two of them. 

A few years back I started to buy these hip & hip 'treats' which they get every night before bed.  They work.  Not jacking you around - they simply work.  I forget how good they work until we are (oddly) out of them.  Which almost never happens but shipments during the COVID-19 quarantine have been wonky and my store has been out.  They are VetIQ Maximum Strength Hip And Joint Supplements.

This sounds like it's sponsored... it's not.  If you buy some from my photo link to Amazon I might make 3 cents for the link but nope, not sponsored.  We just use them and need them and although we need a lot of other groceries as well, it's these that are spurring me to head out to the COVID-19 infested world this morning.  :)

And if my Sam's is out of stock (again, like they've been for 2 months) then I'll just order online.  But Amazon has been deeming things 'unessential' since March and not shipping items they don't think are essential.  (Case in point I'm supposed to have a delivery NEXT WEEKEND for items I ordered in APRIL)  so I'm pretty sure they will think dog treats are unessential.  Which is why I've just been looking for them to be in stock at Sam's when I go for groceries.

That's the end of a very long, and boring morning ramble.

Sorry about that.

I didn't plan to chit chat about that but you know how it goes lately... I just sip coffee and talk about whatever comes to mind.

It's just that coffee talking again......