A $5 can of bronze paint instead of a $100 faucet - and yes, I'm in a 'good place' thanks in part to Francis Chan, The Chosen and other spiritual positives

Goooood Morning!

I have the well-known phrase "Goooooo morning Vietnam!"  running through my head right now, said of course in voice Robin Williams used in the movie - which I watched again, maybe... a week ago?  Good movie.  If you haven't seen it in a number of years, you might want to look it up again!  (I watched it for free on VUDU).

I've written a number of Coffee Talking posts in my head but life has just been busy so none made it to the page!  I typically post here while in a rush - hurrying to hit the keys as my brain is elsewhere, already on the next project, or task or whatever I'm doing.

In regards to the laundry room remodel, the last bits and pieces are slow going...but going!  We ended up buying a new utility sink that came with the cabinet instead of 'just' buying a base cabinet (we got a great deal on a floor model clearance!)  And I had looked online to chose a different faucet than what came standard (shiny silver) but in the end, not wanting to spend $100 on a faucet, we opted to buy a $5 can of paint.  I painted all the pieces of the faucet yesterday and Mr. Coffee installed it yesterday afternoon - beautiful metallic bronze instead of shiny silver!

What the heck, I'll show you the new laundry baskets too... not that anyone asked!  But I was getting groceries and household items in Walmart and saw these.  I bought one.  Got home, loved it, and went back a couple days later to get one more.  Normally we have (had) 4 canvas bins in that area.  One for whites, one for reds, one blues/darks and one green/khaki/browns. 

There isn't room for more than 2 separating bins now so I am doing red/whites (easy to quickly grab and sort when doing a load) and then all the blue/gray/brown/khaki in the other.  Not optimal for my personality... I like 4.  But... I love these metal baskets!!!!  

My husband and I were talking the other evening, and the topic turned to why I'm as upbeat and cheerful and in a really good place even though we have all this... stuff... going on around us in our world.

  • Well, I posted a couple days ago about THE CHOSEN episodes I've been binge watching - as well as all the 'extra' videos available both on their app and YouTube - behind the scenes shoots, interviews, etc.  That has been a great mentally uplifting way to end my evenings before I got into bed to read. 
  • I've been catching Sunday mass online (attending in New York City during the quarantine, while in real life, I live a thousand miles from there...).  Taking part in mass online is just so easy.
  • Saying the rosary online - and knowing there are others all over the world praying with you.  At any time of day.  24 hours a day.  Never ending.
  • I also have delighted in (for the most part) not reading the news.  I have to search and sift through the news to find my favorite 'science news' or even if there is anything going on locally that is not focusing on either COVID-19 or protests and violence... but I do.  And finding one or two interesting or good news is always a highlight.

One of things my husband took away from our conversation was me mentioning Francis Chan.  This is a pastor I and my son love to watch and listen to. 

Love. To. Listen. To.

He's heard me mention him before.  But he isn't necessarily a religious kind of guy.  He believes in God, maybe even prays once in a while.  That's about the extent of it.   Well, I may have been a bit passionate and excited in my half of our conversation the other night, because obviously, something 'stuck' with Mr. Coffee.  Yesterday, after an extremely trying day, he was on his way down to the mancave to play guitar when he stopped at the top of the stairs, with his ipad in hand and asked, "Hey, what's the name of the guy you like to listen to on YouTube?"

Francis Chan.

... you guys!  My husband was ASKING ME about a pastor to listen to on Youtube? 


Francis Chan: Popular Lies Christians Believe