By 4:30 am my husband was up for work, I was texting a son up North who was backpacking/camping and had sent me a message they were going to try to beat the sun (the heat) and pack up and head out, and I checked the security camera up in the attic to see my glue strip trap had indeed caught the brilliant little mouse I had spied 2 days ago but thus far, had been too wily for me to capture.  All that by 4:33. 

Falling back to sleep was fruitless so I finished the book I was reading and then determinedly lay in bed, refusing to get up, trying desperately to sleep a little more.  No, it never happened.  So I grumpily got up and made my coffee.

I need to jump in the shower really quick as I'm going to head out to have my mammogram done.  It was supposed to have been done in April but at the time the doctor's office wasn't allowed to, due to the COVID-19 regulations.   I picked June 1st at random to reschedule, thinking surely this whole quarantine would be over by then, masks not needed and things would be... normal.  Nope.

I also need to figure out the lightest weight shoes and outfit to wear as they make you weigh-in with all your clothes on, including shoes.  This pisses me off because it's almost 5 pounds more than what I really weigh and doctor's today sure love to be snippy about your weight.  My Converse high tops are almost 2 pounds and my hiking boots even more.  I even have 'heavy' tennis shoes depending on the soles.  So I try to plan out the lightest weight running shoes I have, along with my Nike running shorts and a t-shirt.  BUT Covid-19 means face masks. 

So now I'm trying to plan an outfit that is light weight but doesn't have to go over my head because I'll have to disrobe for the mammogram and I don't want to be touching/removing/replacing my face mask or my face since I'll have had to touch so many surfaces at the doctor's office (by default, not because I want to.  Some things you can't avoid touching).

Sleepily and a bit grumpily... off to shower and get dressed to have the girls smooshed flat.