Coffee Break Time! Random chit chat - upcoming vacations I think are still 'on' during COVID-19, and canceled weddings and stuff

Before the world went nuts with COVID-19 and protests, we had planned our 'once a year' vacation and put a deposit down.  Gave the date to extended family members and told them all they were welcome to join us if they could.

It seems as though the trip still has a green light.  The owner of the rental billed me for the 2nd and final half of full payment last month anyway, so I assume we are still expected.

Because I'm happily still social distancing by choice and content to be home doing... whatever... I had decided a couple weeks ago it might be fun to do matching vacation family t-shirts.  I bought some iron-on printable transfer sheets.  I messed around online with a free design site, made a bunch of possible logos and placed an order for a bunch of matching long sleeve t-shirts in all the sizes we need from the 3 week old baby to Papa.

This is one of those 'fun' things I'm keeping busy with that is a great creative outlet, but also disconnects me from the insanity of stupid people right now.

All the t-shirts except the long sleeve matching shirts for 3 little toddler/preschoolers have been delivered.  I'm being told they are back-ordered until June 30th.  (No, this isn't Amazon either!  ha ha).  So, a month?  Who knew there was such a demand right now for little boys long sleeve gray t-shirts?????  

So I have logos, iron on printable sheets, the iron, all ready to go but my OCD side can't start the project until I have ALL THE SHIRTS HERE.  My husband says "just do the rest now and when the last 3 shirts come, do them then".  I am honestly in awe of people who can do things like this without it bugging them.  Do some now and some later?  Gah!

Those kind of people probably have NO ANXIETY at the GAS PUMPS either!!!  LOL.


Even with our family vacation still happening... sadly, we found out this week that a family member has called off their wedding.  It's heartbreaking.  They were to be married tomorrow actually. They've dated for four years.  They've been engaged for just over a year.  They have a home together, a pet together... but it seems this virus and quarantine stress put her over the edge.

So we have a heartbroken groom-to-be-no-more.

And we might be hosting a big extended family get-together next month as he wanted to make a little road trip to get away, stopping by our home on the way; and the idea grew... and may be taking hold. They've asked to do a reunion weekend at our home for that side of the family.  The problem is, that side of the extended family happened to choose the same dates we had for our vacation... but we told them if the come up with ANY other dates that work, let us know and we're on board!

So... we may be hosting a fun extended family 'reunion' of sorts here at our home next month.

Interestingly enough, neither of these topics were things I was going to post about!  Ha ha.  That happens fairly often around here.  But I'll just pop a title on this post and hit 'publish' anyway because it's all the same rambling over coffee anyway, right!?

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