Coffee Talk: My bad idea to make matching t-shirts and my delivery guy that lies....

I like to be creative. I like to be busy.  I also like to be frugal.  For about 10 years I've played around with the idea of family t-shirts for Christmas gifts for everyone but it never came to fruition.  Once I would start looking into it, I'd realize how dumb it was, expensive it was and our 'family' name is no longer even our 'whole family' name as some of the birds that flew from the nest have married and taken on their spouses names.  I always decided not to do it.

For whatever reason (I'm gonna blame it on the COVID-19 quarantines and having plenty of creative time on my hands) I decided that I should make matching family t-shirts this year for our whole family vacation and not only have fun but save a bunch of money.   That was the plan anyway. 

After researching styles, prices and companies I'd trust to order from (and which were still delivering during the quarantines) I ended up knee-deep in t-shirts.

Only to find that Gildan long sleeve t-shirts shrink a full size when you pre-wash them.Even on cold and barely dry them in the dryer. 

So 2 more orders were placed for enough of the 'next size' up to fit all the various sizes I needed.

For whatever reason, it was near impossible to find the long sleeve gray t-shirts to match for little kids so I opted to order them and wait for the 'back order' to ship around July 1st, so I don't even have those yet.   In addition, also difficult to find a matching gray, long sleeve plain baby onesie. But I did.  In a 4 pack of long sleeve onesies, but I found it!

So, by the time I bought all these matching shirts for all the members of the extended family, and then RE-ORDERED two more orders to make up for the 'shrinkage' after a single pre-wash... I had spent just as much on t-shirts for everyone now as if I had just ordered them from a company already printed with a cool family logo in the first place!  

And that didn't even count the packages of iron-on fabric transfers I had to buy, or the $60 packet of printer ink.

So I spend time looking online for graphics, logos, fonts, ideas.
And then I mess up the first round by printing the image mirror-image (backwards) like you do for most transfers, only to realize this particular batch was going on the DARK transfers which means you DO NOT MIRROR IMAGE the print.  It goes on 'as is'.  Crap.

Another trip to Walmart and another purchase.

And then I was having to carefully cut out oval logos for the front of the shirts, and perfectly cut out logos and images for the back of the shirts.  And then resizing and cutting perfectly for the smaller sizes...

And in the end?

And it is NOT frugal.

I really, really, really should have just designed them online and ordered them.  LOL.

I'm not even one quarter done yet - and I'm so over it.  Ha ha.  But.... in for a dime, in for a dollar. 


While I was painstakingly cutting around oval design transfers this morning, my A**** delivery came.  I had 2 packages coming today and I watched him drive up my driveway.  I didn't want to stop cutting around the persnickety oval transfer so I finished cutting while waiting for him to bring the packages to the door.  

I finished cutting and he hadn't... so I grabbed the can of Lysol and went to the door to walk down the stairs and meet him.

Only as I opened the door, I heard him turning his truck around in the drive, and sure enough, he drove off.  He didn't deliver them to the door, which is fine.  I went to spray and pick up the packages.  As I waited a minute for the Lysol to dry (COVID-19 habit) I had a notification from A***** on my phone that my packages had been delivered.

But... it says the delivery guy "HANDED DIRECTLY TO A RESIDENT".

Oh no he didn't.

And I hate liars.

I checked the status of the second package.  Yep, he lied on that one too.  He dropped BOTH deliveries by the back garage right off the driveway.  He did NOT hand them to the resident directly.  He didn't even hand them off to any human being, whether or not they lived here or not.

And why did I care?

Because once you've had to try to talk to customer service reps trying to track down lost or stolen deliveries... you understand the importance of little things like the "official" word of the drivers saying they handed the package directly to the homeowner!!!!

My thought was:  What if this guy marks all his A***** deliveries this way to cover his own butt if anything is lost or stolen?  His paperwork - which is WHAT THE COMPANY WILL LOOK FOR AND QUOTE TO YOU is what is believed to have happened.

And going through that is hell.  Hell where every customer service person is named "Brian" or "Jennifer" and speaks with heavy Indian or Filipino accents and can't understand a thing you say to them, or tell you they can't do anything until a package has been missing 7 days, or they tell you it shows it's 'been delivered' (and handed directly to the homeowner) and there is nothing they can do about it. 

If any of my neighbors or people on his route are missing packages, have them lost, have them stolen... he has covered his own ass by saying he handed them directly to the resident.  

And he is lying.  THAT is why it bugged me.

What is funny is that we have security cameras.

Here he is leaving the packages by the garage...  right before he officially notes on his A***** delivery paperwork that he "handed the package directly to the resident".

But what is funny - (not ha ha funny but STUPID funny) is that he KNEW there was a security camera.  As a matter of fact he could NOT STOP LOOKING AT IT!  LOL.

He looked, took a step, looked up again, took a step.  Looked back at it.  Took a step.  He almost trips over his own two feet because he looks back it again, one more time.

So he knew he was on camera but still put down on the delivery notes he handed the package "directly" to the home owner.  When the packages are RIGHT THERE ON THE GROUND in plain view.  LOL. (I edited stars over his face and the truck)

So basically...  if you are missing your package and the company SAYS it's not only delivered, but was handed DIRECTLY TO SOMEONE... now you know why it actually wasn't.  The drivers lie.